I want to set my wife up for a gangbang

I want to take my wife to a hotel, get her wasted at the bar, then bring her back to our room with a bunch of random guys and watch them fuck her raw.

I don't want her passed out. I want her drunk enough so she can't say no and can't stop it, but not so drunk she doesn't know what's going on.

I want it to hurt. I want her to struggle. I want to watch her cry while a bunch of strange men use her as a fuck toy.

I feel ashamed of this. I've never thought like this before. I have loved her so deeply and sincerely and unconditionally for so long, and she has hurt me so horribly. She's betrayed me and used me and broken my heart. She says if I try to leave, she'll take everything.

So now I hate her as much as I love her, and I want to punish her.

I honestly don't think I could ever do it, but I fantasize about it more and more often.

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  • What if she set one up, but for you? With you being tied down and BBC using your little white hole till it hurts? I’ll help her do it. It’s going to be unexpected though. We will plan a movie or dinner and get you done hard.

  • If this is true, the reason you don’t leave and also say you still love her is the same reason that she says she’ll take everything and you believe it. It’s because you have no confidence in yourself and she has no respect for you. Based on this I’d say the chances of your scenario happening are near zero.

    What you should do is man up and leave, and dare her to take everything. Get a good lawyer, know your state laws and your rights, and let her know you know.

    Two things will happen. You’ll regain confidence, and she’ll have respect, although that will be too late coming for her. If you really do love her, then this will hurt you doing it, but ask yourself will it hurt as bad as her hurting you and you staying for more of it?

  • Yes, I agree with the above post. And having left my partner 7 years ago now, I can assure you that in time you will get over it. I may be single, but I walk with my head held high and I am happy. No one is bringing me down.

  • You don’t love her, you hate her. Purely

  • How has she betrayed you?

  • Yeah what did she do?

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