I love being seen having sex

On another trip to clearwater, we got a room on the second floor (actually the ground floor) of a motel, one room back from the street. Kind of dark and not on the main aisle, but anyone going. To a lower tier room would walk by.
We had just got back from eating and decided to walk the grounds. She had on tight short shorts and a vest too with no bra. She unbuttoned all the vest buttons but for one, revealing most of her 38Ds. I had on short, lightweight shorts and no underwear. We walked around just after dusk. We saw a few other couples and everyone was very friendly, hardly taking their eyes off her breasts. We stopped by the pool area to watch a guy and girl, both in thongs, playing in and out of the water. This got us excited, and we continued our walk back to the marina where they had small boats. It was deserted now, so we started kissing and fondling each other. Soon my hard dick was sticking out of my shorts and her vest was open, completely exposing her breasts.
We decided to go back to our room. My dick had gone down some, so just the head peeled out. She pulled her vest closed slightly, just to sort of cover her nipples, but her breasts were still very open. On our way back we passed the thong couple, and they smiled at us and said hi. They looked back over their shoulders at us To see if we were looking at their bare buts, which we were.
Once we got back in the room, she said to open a bottle of wine, and disappeared into the bathroom. I opened the bottle, poured our glasses and say down to wait for her. I got bored so I took off my shorts and started to stroke my dick.
Presently, she came out of the bathroom completely naked and freshly shaved pubic hair. My dick jumped at the sight. She put her arm around me and directed me to the picture window. She pulled the drapes wide open and opened the screened part. We were now open visually and soundwise.
She pulled me right up against the open window and said in a loud voice: Here are my bare breasts, caressing them with her hands, here is my pussy, tiptoeing up so it was very visible. She then took my now hard dick and flipped it up unto the window sill saying, here is my husband's dick and he is going to fuck this pussy for you all to see. She then pulled her pussy lips apart just as a couple walked by. They smiled and said, very nice.
We then went over to the bed nearest the window and started to fuck. We positioned ourselves for the best view from the window when we would hear someone walk by, she would caress her breasts and I would pull aside slightly so they could see her bare pussy with me still in it. One time she reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart to reveal my asshole. We heard several people walk by and some seemed to longer in front of our window for awile.
After a long session, we say back, exhausted. We then got ourselves another glass of wine, and turned off our lights, which had been on bright, and went out our door to the bench in front of our window. It was pretty quiet by then. We say there naked, sipping our wine. Presently a young attractive couple kind of staggered by, obviously having had a bit to drink. They stopped, looked at us and then each other. Then they kneeled in front of us, she me and he her, and proceeded to lick and suck us all covered with cum and love juices. She then went to her and he me, and did the same. Eventually they got up and left without saying a thing. We went inside and passed out with the window still open.

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  • It's a nice fantasy did not happen

  • If you had been in clearwater, FL two years ago, you could have witnessed it. It did happen, even if you can't believe it.

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