My dog is gay

I really think my dog might be gay. He lets me fuck his tight ass with my hard throbbing penis, and I can tell that he likes it because he gets all happy and excited when I fuck him. Sometimes he even fucks me in the ass when I let him. No straight dog would do this. I really think I should get rid of him, or have him put down. Nobody should have a gay dog, it's just not right.

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  • Have had my ass fucked and knotted by many dogs like that.

  • If you both enjoy the sex why stop

  • Maybe you do not let him out of the house enough and he thinks he is in prison.

  • No, I let him out a couple of hours each day. I've even tried to get him to mount my girlfriend, but he keeps jumping on my ass. Even around other dogs, he wont go after the bitches. I think he's definately a gay dog. I probably should find a couple of homos to take him.

  • Your an idiot

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