To fuck or be fucked?

Im a woman who loves getting fucked. There's honestly nothing better than watching a dick sliding in and out of your pussy, the feeling of your wet cunt stretched and your clit tingling, on someone's tongue while a dick is pounding your cunt. I often wonder what its like to be a guy thrusting away in a cunt. I wonder what that feels Like, what does a cunt feel like wrapped around dick?

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  • I'm a guy and I used to wonder how it felt to get fucked. So I tried it and it felt amazing. Now I think women are so lucky to experience this sensation all the time. I soon came to realize there were many men who were willing to have sex with me if I wanted. Some of the my most amazing sexual encounters were with other men and trannys. Now I can have it both ways, with women or men. Now I am the lucky one.

  • Amazing is how it feels. The wetness of her hot tunnel is outstanding.
    Also love pounding my cock up her ass.

  • My wife has never asked me that question, But while we were dating, after sex she asked if I enjoyed myself. I told her very much so. Then she said she thought she enjoyed it more, at first I just thought I was maybe good in bed, as time went on, she for some reason started slowly telling me about places she had sex or with whom, not that I would know them.
    I was finding out the simple fact that she just loved to have sex, during sex she would say, harder faster deeper, again please.
    At one point she just told me that it felt so good to have a guy's cock inside her that whenever she could she did. She told me she has no idea how many guy's she has been with not in a relationship but just for sex.

  • Being in a vagina is hard to describe, it's all about her body temperature. Some girls are very warm and slippery, that will make you orgasm almost right away. But you slow down and fight off the orgasm. My penis is over 8" inches long and has a wide girth, I was very fortunate to be blessed with a large penis. I haven't come upon many vaginas that I didn't stretch. The sensation of a virgin pussy or a tight or snug snatch is probably the same feeling a woman feels when a really fat penis stretches her vagina to the limit. Most women like girth over length, from my experience. Most men want the sensation of a virgin pussy. My favorite experience was when I was 19 years old and I had sex with a plus size 16 year old virgin girl. She was very tight, big and heavy . She didn't move from her starting spot and took all of my penis in four or five strokes, the ultimate in sexual pleasure for me. Big supertight and slippery. But I also really like the feeling of a mature women's pussy, a women who has had three kids in her life, her ass has gotten wider over the years and her vagina is big and loose from age. Big slack pussy has a smooth easy experienced feeling about it. Older women seam to queef more when they get a good pounding. I know most women are embarrassed when they let out a pussy fart, but the feeling of her pussy lips on the penis is great, I love to feel pussy lips vibrating on my penis.

  • My ex was around your size and after the soreness stopped I loved it.

  • I love the feeling of having my cock sliding into a wet pussy. It feels like it belongs there and is home. The sliding in and out makes suction that pulls on the head of my cock. Feeling her respond to my cock, is wonderful. What is exciting is feeling my cum. In her pussy and mixing with her cum. Then feeling it on my cock as the cum is pushed out of her pussy

  • Um yummy love eating and fucking pussy honestly there are several kinds of pussys. Some are looser than others many times while looser pussys don’t give as much friction. The girls usually fuck better given they have fucked allot of cocks and ran into thick meaty cocks. While some of the girls with bigger pussys desire a cock that matches. Many just love to fuck and that’s why they have been very well stretched out. But not to say tight girls don’t know how to fuck some stay tight even though they fuck like crazy. I don’t think keegles are an indicator of a tight well fucked pussy some just have snug little tight pussys. The skills they have are different some grind rubbing their pubic bone against your pubic bone. While they bend and rough up your cock sliding in and out grinding in circles they drain your cock. I’m average in size not much over 6” long and just over 5” around some on here might say I’m small lol. I think parts about how you use your cock but I don’t blame a size queen knowing she needs bigger. The size of a girl doesn’t determine her pussy size I have learned. Dated a girl about 4’ 10” and 90lbs who had they loosest pussy she is the hottest looking girl I’ve ever dated. One night I asked her after sex how my size was she shrugged saying average. She was hesitant to answer when I asked what size she preferred but finally answered. Saying it’s not about length its about girth a super thick 8”cock will stretch out and pound all the right spots. Saying the longest cock she had was 10 1/3” about my girth reached deep felt amazing. But didn’t give her the same pleasure a thicky can but was great still to fuck. So I figure it’s going to be like it was for my own experience depends on the fit and how you use it.

  • It feels warm and soft, and slippery as my head thrusts in between the folds of your wet twat. My balls get a little bit of a jolt as they smack against your ass, swinging in hard to make contact against your cheeks as I pound that puss to the point of nut busting explosion. There is a soft gushy feeling as loads of hot gooey cum splurt out and flood the insides of that beautiful pink pulsating sexual flesh mound between your legs! I won’t stop cock pumping it until I’ve shot my last, and then I’ll pull out and watch it ooze from your cream pied hole as you clean off the rest from my cock with your tongue!

  • That’s so hot! I want you to fuck me and fill me!

  • You want fucked? Ok, how’s this? On your knees, Whore, with your cunt in the air!

    Get over near the edge of the bed, but don’t let me see you looking up! Put your hands on the back of your head and keep your face buried in the sheets. Use your elbows and knees to keep you steady. Now I’m going to get on my knees and lick your crotch from your clit to your asshole until you nearly can’t stand it! I’m going to run my tongue from one end to the other and rim your hole until I hear you moaning with delight and your pussy is just drenched, but I’m not letting you cum just yet.

    Then I’m going to stand up and grab you by the hips and bury my cock all the way to the nuts in you. While I’m fucking you senseless, I’ll let you reach down and self pleasure your tingling clit and we’ll see what gets you off first, your finger or my dick! And you’re gonna cum, and cum hard! I’m gonna keep on pounding it as you do!

    But remember, I’m more of an oral guy so this time after you’ve cummed all over my cock and your own hand, this time I’m pulling out and you’re gonna sit up and use that hot mouth to suck me to full finish! I want to see those glisteny wet finger tips stroking my balls as you slob my dick to finish getting me off. I want your mouth open and lips down around my cock and sucking all the way to the base! I’m gonna cum deep in your mouth, and I want you to keep going as I do! You don’t have to swallow, I’d rather see it splurt out all around your lips and drip from your chin down onto your tits, and then, you’re going to lie back, still wearing my cum all over your face and tits, and I’m going to squat down and finish that pussy licking I started before!

  • But that won’t be all! Since you seem to like fucking, I want to drive you crazy with it.

    You like watching penetration? I’m going to have you sit on a table, propped up near the edge with pillows behind your back. I want you to use your hands and hold your legs behind the knees, pull them up and spread them apart. Now look down and see me stand between your legs with a hard, erect cock. I’m going to press it against your twat and part your flesh with the tip of my head, and I want you to watch it disappear inside you as it slides in.

    Once in I’ll begin a slow in and out thrust so you can watch it enter and nearly exit, but I’ll keep the head inside you each time, never fully pulling out. I want you to watch it slowly pump your cunt and come out far enough for you to see the glistening moistness of my shaft with your pussy juices all over it. Then I’ll thrust it on back in again.

    Occasionally I’ll pull it all the way out at the end of a stroke and thrust my hips in to force my cock up and over your clit. I’ll grab the base and wiggle it around, just dick rubbing your clit in little circles. My precum will ooze out and lube it up for you, and then I’ll slide the tip back down and thrust slowly into your pussy again.

    I’ll do this until you’re so close to cumming that any move will send you over the edge, and I won’t stop or slow my pace, or speed up either. I will continue this slow fuck and just let you cum all over me as you continue to watch my cock enter and exit. As you finish cumming, I’ll continue slow fucking you until you beg me to stop. But I don’t stop until I’ve cummed so if I haven’t then It’s my turn.

    This time, I’ll grab your thighs and pull you into me and speed my thrust up. You’re not allowed to move your hands, just keep holding those legs apart for me and let me speed fuck that pussy until I’ve busted my last load! I want to watch your tits bounce as I plow that hole and leave you something to remember me by!

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  • Not a real email address

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