People I have either set it up to where they could see me jerk off , bend over in the floor an suck my own cock till I came are both older sisters while I was 14, Aunts , cousins, my mother, 4 of her friends, several neighbors, maids at motels , lots of strangers at motels and never was there back lash , all watched either for a few min or till I came. Even my mom, for here first time was me in bed 1 leg bent up one down an a blanket that wasn’t pulled down on the leg that was bent up, look perfectly accidental. When she came in my bedroom, I wAs jerking a full rock had hardondon with hours worth of pre cum oozing down it . So there she was at the end of my bed dropping off laundry And I was watching tv am slowly jerking off , she had a weird look am stood there the actually sat at end of bed an watched . Then later in life got married, and did it to my mothers law an sisters law.

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