Fucked my husband's geeky friend

My husband's friend is a total geek. He's 40, still lives with his parents, plays Dungeons and Dragons, loves Star Trek way too much, and is barely self-employed to the point where I think he makes little, if any, income. He was over at our house and he mentioned that he hasn't had a girlfriend or been laid in 7 years. I encouraged him to try a dating site or something, although I couldn't imagine any one being interested in someone with his variables. He's not bad looking at all, but he's just kind of a geeky loser. Sweet guy though.

While my husband's friend was using the bathroom, my husband said, "He hasn't been laid in ages. Would you be into helping him out?" I thought he meant maybe helping him to get a profile designed for a dating site or something (I work in web design), but soon learned that he meant fucking his friend. I laughed and said, "Are you kidding?!?" But I could tell that my husband was dead serious. We talked about it and, despite some nervous trepidation, I said "Okay, just once, and a quickie at that."

We told my husband's friend that I'd fuck him, if he was into it. He was really taken aback and really shy by the proposition. I could tell that he wanted to, but he felt like the whole thing was really wrong. After a minute or two, he mumbled, "That would be really nice, though." I smiled and went over and gave him a quick kiss on the forehead while I unzipped my skirt.

I hadn't had sex with anyone other than my husband in 17 years, so the whole thing had a weird, but exciting, vibe. I gave his friend a blowjob to get him hard and he was so cute, moaning as he caressed my face, telling me how pretty I was (how sweet). His dick was pretty attractive, about the same length as my husband's but a lot thicker.

Once I got him hard, I gave him a quick kiss and told him to "sit back in his chair and enjoy." I mounted him reverse cowgirl, because I really couldn't bring myself to look in his eyes--it would be too intense. I rode him for about four minutes when he said he was about to cum. He asked if he should pull out, but I'm on the pill and was getting close to getting off as well, so I said "it's okay, you're good." I could feel his cock spasm in me, and it was enough to send me over the edge too. I got off about a minute after he came, and rode him until he was soft. I hadn't had an orgasm like that in some time.

When the friend left, my husband said how hot I looked and we fucked like crazy in bed that night. My husband was a total animal, like he was in his 20s. He said he wanted me to fuck his friend again, but I said, "No, it was a one-time thing, just for fun. You are all I need and want." He's been pestering me about it since then, but I'm not going to do it. Once was enough. It was fun, but it's time to turn that page. I'm really only interested in being intimate with my husband.

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  • I'd love to hear an update on this story. Did that friend ever ask for a repeat performance?

  • Cute story :) would be nice to see a pic of such a hot wife

  • This past New Year's Eve was crazy, my bf of 2yrs has always been trying to get me to hook up with another guy, while he watches. He videos us have sex and shows everybody. So during the party he got me all liquor up, and we started messing around, and he takes off my thong and just started letting the other guys from his firehouse smell them. Then he had the nerves to ask me which guy I wanted there, I was in so much rage at that moment. I walked over to my ex bf best friend, and I got it on with him, half way through, I got up and asked if he wanted me raw, of course he said yes, and I took the condom off. He busted inside me twice. If was actually better than my bf. When I finished, I made my bf eat me out. And as we counted down to 2018, I was bent over with john (ex bf best friend) fucking me again. That night I made my bf drive us back to johns house where I stayed and my bf went home. And during the car ride back to his house I was in the backseat sucking his dick. My bf called today to hang out, I told him I was meeting up with john for lunch, then dinner after work, and staying over at his place. Told him I'll call him tomorrow

  • Maybe your fireman boyfriend will develop a taste for the man juice out of your pussy and want some straight from the source, instead. Then, you can take pictures of him sucking dick and share those around the firehouse!

  • So your current bf is now an ex too? The idea was to share, not be a ho who leaves their current relationship.

  • Sounds like it was a fun time for all three of you. I have had the pleasure of sharing my wife a few times with friends and I really get off watching her in action!

  • One of my friends asked me once if he could just go down on me because he missed that part of sex very much and could not even think about paying for it. I did it for him and did not regret it at all, he is super talented at oral and gives me unbelievable orgasms. I have let him do this for the past 12 years and he has never asked for anything else.

  • You sound like a fun wife, it is best to keep this from happening all the time though. The other guy might develop feelings for you.

  • Good girl 👍

  • My wife is dreadfully loyal as well. I couldn't tell you how many guys have hit on her propositioned her since we have been married. It doesn't bother me as I understand and don't blame them at all.

  • Nice story better just once shows your loyalty

  • Sounds like a lot of fun, nothing like pity sex to bring a guy around to life again. Do not be surprised when he asks for it again.

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