My niece is 20 now but since she was 17 she has been wearing tight shirts with out a bra, she has big tits, and panties, sometimes no panties, around the house. I have helped raise her but I want to fuck her so bad. I used to finger and fill up her mom, my sister, when she was passed out. I feel bad for wanting to fuck her but damn she is fine. I have see. up her long shirts and also recorded videos of her in the shower on my phone so i know what she looks like naked. I want to ask her to accompany me to a concert that i have tickets to, she loves the band, and see what happens but she is very dramatic.


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  • My niece is 19 and has been playing volleyball since elementary school, very fit and tall, I can only imagine how many guys ask her out on an hourly basis. I arrived at my sisters house and really had to use the bathroom. I went down the hallway and my niece had just finished up showering, she was in her bedroom. I went into the bathroom and her workout clothes were sitting on the floor right next to the bathtub. I sat down and stared at the bundle, lifted up the shorts and saw a thong tangled up in them. I brought it up to my face and inhaled heaven, they were still wet, soaked with her sweetness. I had them up to my nose for a few minutes just breathing it all in and remembering the women in college years ago. I placed everything back on the floor and washed up, there was some hand lotion on the sink so I rubbed some into my face to make sure I did not smell like her thong. I opened up the door and she was standing in her bedroom getting the wet out of her hair, she smiled at me and I waived back saying hello. I walked out into the kitchen and still had her scent rushing thru my nose.

  • She's sending you messages, she wants you man

  • Slip a couple of roofies in her drink then have a go at her. If your lucky she won't even remember it, just don't leave your cum in or on her, that DNA will get you in a lot of trouble.

  • I have been doing this to my niece for almost 2 years. I slip her a couple pills when i get a chance and have some fun. I have managed to get about 8 or 9 times over this time. I make sure to really dose her up and so far she doesn't seem to have remembered anything. My mistake came only 11 weeks ago. I just got so into it, i forgot to pull out. I had found in her purse a small copy of her cycle chart. Knowing she was mid cycle i was just too into it and i just pumped my load right in their. My problem is she is now confirmed, as of yesterday to be about 11 weeks pregnant. She will only be 17 when she gives birth if she keeps the baby. Given her Christian beliefs i doubt she will terminate it.

  • Feel same way about one or two of my niece's friends. Known them for long time, and always said they were going to be gorgeous and hot when they got older. Now, I'm correct, as each have smoking-hot bodies (one is a college cheerleader..perfect, big tits). They're not close, if at all, friends anymore, but the last time cheerleader girl was in, I ran into her at Panera. Gave her a hug, and snuck in a little ass feel that made her giggle a bit, and eyed her amazing body up and down..She was wearing a sexy, brown shirt with a circle in front that showed off her cleavage, and, the shirt was cropped just enough to exhibit a sexy, teasing bit of her navel. Girl looked great.

    Had coffee and pastry with her, caught up as friends instead of "her friend's uncle", yeah, flirted a little (she has such a sexy smile), and all I kept thinking was, holy hell I'd love to throw you down and fuck the shit out of you right here in the booth. She's really become a beautiful woman. Don't know why she and my niece don't talk anymore, but, that doesn't mean I can't move in for the kill. And I plan to. Actually may be better that they're not friends. I can treat her like the hot young woman she is. She will be had.

  • What are you waiting for from what you've said she is giving you the come on,
    stop messing about you've had her mother keep it in the family show her your dick if she tells her mother she cant say anything, go for it fuck her

  • She’s 20, not 12. Just go for it.

  • Fill her with drink ant then fill her with cock you better pull out and cover her big tits with your cum .

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