I make him cum every morning

Every morning my alarm wakes me up just before Moms goes off.I lay there in bed for a minute till I hear her get up and go pee,the signal for me to go do what is required of me every day. I quickly walk into her and my step fathers room and crawl under the covers and between his legs and I take his cock in my mouth and begin to suck him off. My lips are wrapped tightly around his cock and I bob my head up and down as I suck away and mom climbs back in bed next to him and pulls the covers back allowing her to watch her son suck her new husbands hard cock.Mom hates to suck cock and gets sick if she tries to do it so she made a deal with Randy when they got married,,she didnt have to suck cock as long as she had someone else to take her place .Daddy could have chosen Keren my 14 year old sister or Ann my 16 year old sister but he and mom discussed it and decided that I was perfect for her replacement. I resisted and was paddled till I couldnt take it and begged Daddy to let me suck his cock , I didnt want to be paddled any more and he made me beg to suck his cock .He told me that I was to suck him off every morning at 6 am and also when ever he felt like his cock needed to be sucked .He would call me to where ever he was at any given time and tell me to suck and I was to immediatly drop to my knees and service his cock.It didnt matter if we were watching TV I had to suck his cock even right in front of my sisters,,or when he was waiting for mom to come to him to be fucked,if he wanted attention till she was there he put his cock in my mouth.I usually was ordered to suck him off but there were times when he just wanted his cock sucked ,slowly and non stop for hours, and there are those times when I just put it in my mouth and keep my mouth on it till he says I can stop. He loves making me suck his cock in front of mom and my sisters just to humiliate me .He hasnt made me suck him in front of our family or the boys my sisters bring home but I am on display when his brothers and sister comes over and they love humiliating me for being a sissy cock sucker. Mom says Daddy has already mentioned having me suck his brothers cocks when they want but mom said that if I get to service them then I should also suck all the males who visit if they want me to and it wont be long till my friends all know about my being a cock sucker

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