Cleaning mommy's pussy

When I was eight years old, my mother taught me how to perform oral sex on her. She called it "cleaning mommy's pussy". She let me clean her almost every day. As soon as dad left for work, I would crawl into bed with my mom, and she would spread her legs and let me lick her privates. I could tell that she really enjoyed it, and I really enjoyed making mommy happy. Sometimes she had a big load of daddy's cum dripping out of her. I didn't know what it was at that age, but when I got older mom taught me how to cum, and let me cum inside of her. She always made me lick her clean after I came, and that's how I learned what cum tasted like, and figured out I had been sucking dads cum out of my mom. It sounds kind of gross thinking about it, but it also makes my cock hard just remembering sucking on mom's hot wet cunt. Damn, I wish I was a kid again.

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  • My uncle used to call it a “clean check”. He’d check to see if my pussy was clean by rubbing his face in it. Then he’d say “it’s so clean you could eat off it!” and lick me up and down. It felt so good! I always loved it.

  • Lordy, another bullshit post. Too bad.

  • If you seriously think that ANY posts on here are not bullshit, you might be a fucking retard.

  • Well no there are a few genuine ones you can easily pick the fakes my wife thinks 65% are fake probably right

  • 100% FAKE. But who cares if it gets you off?

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