Have you ever...

Have you ever masturbate and thinking children ?
if yes , what did you thought ?

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  • You there and how old are you..

  • I am 21 years old .

  • You there hun...

  • Hi hun. You sound sexy and whats your biggest turn on..

  • These days I am so horny I can turn on with many things even with children .

  • I think i love you. Theres something sweet about naked preteens. My wife and i go too nudists resorts at least twice a year and i love looking at all the little preteens naked with everything on show..

  • My pussy is so wet!

  • Wish i could do something for you hun..

  • Sometimes mine too .

  • How old are you honey..

  • I am 21 years old

  • Are you there hun. How old are you...

  • I am here I am 21 .

  • How old are you hun...

  • I am 21 years old.

  • How old are you..

  • I am 21 years old

  • I loved a girl once she was seven , nothing wrong with that !
    I was seven too .. Met up on Facebook fifty years later.

  • Your a sick fuck

  • I often fantasize that they are watching me. I would love that to happen in real life.

  • Yes that sounds hot and i can imagine their little pussys or dicks getting all worked up as they watch you playing with yourself.....

  • I left the bathroom door open slightly the other day and masturbated while my 15 year old daughter watched. She didn't look away and hung in there until I came. I often walk around the house naked so it's not such a big deal. I'm encouraging her to do the same.

  • She sounds adoreable. Bet she has a sweet little tight pussy and bet she loves her daddys cock. What does she look like and as i said i have three daughters. Has she got nice little titties begging too be sucked. Do yous discipline her and if im honest my wife uses spanking as part off discipline on our three daughters and makes me so hard looking at their little asses turning red and how they kick their legs too show everything they have. Love when they get up and jump around pulling at their little bum cheeks too take some off pain away and get too see some very intimate parts. Daughters are the sweetest.....

  • Tell me about your three daughters. Mine is tall with a slender build and long blonde hair. A very athletic body with developing breasts and the cleanest looking pussy. She's not shy about being naked and will parade around the house that way. I've been able to touch her pussy several times and she seems to like it.

  • When did you stop spanking her and thats hot. Lets know how you get on later. Our oldest daughter i feel pushes her little pussy into my lap when im spanking her...

  • Hoping you die soon --- we don't need this in our world.

  • I won't die .

  • Yes i have done it too the many times i see my three daughters in diffrent states off dresse and naked and times i still catch them masterbateing....

  • It must be nice to watch children masturbating to see an innocent child to give pleasure to himself/herself .

  • Ever see a boy or girl masterbateing.....

  • Yeah, the boys really get after it. But it's the clean pussies of the young girls that's a real turn-on for me.

  • Yes it turns me on so much watching them and they have not got a clue daddys watching them finger and pull their little pussys open and showing me their pink folds and little clits. I would love too lick and suck their tiny pussys and spend hours pounding their tight pussy and asses as i suck each off their little titties and even our youngest little egg sized tits.....

  • Yes i have three daughters and just yesterday caught my ten year old lyeing naked spread eagled on bed fingering her tight hairless pussy and could see her tiny clit and pink folds...

  • I've watched my 15 year old daughter play with herself numerous times. Most times I just walk in on her unexpectedly, but last night I think she knew I was watching as it was just before I usually put her to bed and she had her door cracked. I waited outside her door and watched, it was so hot and it made me really hard. I masturbated at the same time.

  • She wants her daddys cock.....

  • She's seen it numerous times. Tonight I'm going to see if she wants to touch it.

  • So sweet!

  • I have moved the blinds in the shower so I can be outside and masturbate while my daughter's are in the shower.

  • I've done the same. Those bare pussies are awesome!

  • How old are your daughters....

  • How old are your daughters. I have three daughters and so sweet.....

  • Do you have any thoughts with her ?

  • Of course I do I wish I could be licking their little asses and pussies

  • How old are they....

  • So hot ! It's sweet to touch her little vagina and know that she enjoys it so much .

  • I've been able to touch my 15 year old daughter's pussy on several occasions after she's gone to bed. She acts like she's asleep, but I know she is enjoying it.

  • You sure shes not awake and do yous ever spank her....

  • She was bare naked spanked when she was younger. I would make her strip down beforehand and that was quite a turn on. Now that she's older, it's just light caressing when I put her to bed. I've felt her pussy and she's played with my dick through my pajama pants since I don't wear any underwear.

  • Have you thought anymore on returning too useing spanking as part off discipline on your little girl and have you got too see her again naked since last post....

  • I watched her in the shower this morning. She leaves the door open into her room. I know she knows I'm in there watching. I love watching her soap up that tight little pussy. She'll work a few fingers in there while I watch, and then she'll bend all the way down and give me a shot from behind. It' very hot!

  • Have you thought anymore on returning too spanking your angel as part off discipline...

  • Are you there and i allmost came when we were spanking our two younges this evening...

  • Are you there..

  • Just poked my head in on our girls a few minutes ago and our middle daughter is lyeing on her tummy and has her pj bottoms off and has her hand between her little legs. Was able too see her bald little pussy and she looked so cute..

  • Wow and shes a beautifull little doll. How do you hold back from running your hands all over little ass. Sounds like she has bareley any hair on her tiny pussy. Bet her clit is sweet and little pink folds. Is she still wareing a training bra. Have you thought anymore about returning too spanking her. We had too give our youngest two a spanking not long ago for fighting and refuseing too go to bed and then answering my wife back...

  • So is your little doll sleeping and have you gave it anymore thought on returning too spanking her. I can say for certain it realy turns our daughters attitudes around when needed and makes me rock hard also as said...

  • I bet she looked cute naked and being spanked...

  • Sweet and i know they love it also....

  • So hot !

  • Have you..

  • To be completely honest...yes sometimes in the past happen to fantasize that i am like a psychologist and little boys came with their parents and inside my office i would touch them kindly and their parents did not know i was doing with their children .
    It was just a fantasy , i never get sexually aroused with children from close , but for some reason in my fantasy i liked it .

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