Karon liar sex maniac dear grrrrrrrrruly bitch!

Sounds like my liar cousins, karon is a liar
Karon is a liar and shark of a person deceitful and cheap.
she has told so many lies about me and my family. she lied to get money and sex. she told people we had airconditioning that someone else paid for and made up a heap of stories about what money we were given. I hate the way she can lie and look you in the eye and then she runs away for new cock. she will be better off not looking me in the eye cuz if her ex should punch anyone it should be her. if he knew the lies she has told us about him and his family it would shock him, she told a lawyer he spent over $120,000 on dope in a 10 year time of their relationship which I doubt. and what about the house work and things he had to do around the home while she was working? she only got that job because she fucked the manager owner. if her ex only knew, she fucked a lot of men. of course her mother is in complete denial about her alcoholism and drugging and screwing around with other men, her financial wasting and ripping off her mother and everyone around her. she probably has even told people my brother fucked her and she lost her virginity to him so why does he keep wanting to be on her side cuz she is a liar and will scam him as well she keeps calling her mother "the old girl" and she knows her father is not really dead that is why she is looking for him and all the other businesses he owns and the other women he had kids to. probably living over in south america right now with a new woman and kids. she is very abusive towards her mother wanting the inheritance right now she said. reminds me of her mother she did the same thing at her parents and told my dad she wanted their parents to hand over everything now back in 1997 and couldn't wait for my grandparents to die, she karon even said to be she never got on with grandmother and hated her and was more upset over grandfathers death and she didn't show one sign of it at either funeral. I cried a lot at both funerals and alone. Karon is a bitch. she is gonna come down soon. hailes will be pregnant to her new man if she isn't already maybe that is why mother is taking a pregnant 13 year old there to hide it?
they said adam ate food and stole the ham on them for xmas and drank too much and he had heaps of affairs on her. she is a liar. I see her eldest in a short model stint up the duff by 17 and obese and pregnant 3 times over by 20. and drugs and high life and she might turn her back on money and granny won't be able to control the sexual impulses with some rich cock guy. already she fights for cock mother style. oh yeh. karon won't last with pete because he will be fucking her youngest daughter for sure and every young blond in town she will compete with and she will end up at kings cross as a prostitute for sure and probably will karon will probably end up married to some big fat greezey black Solomon/Fijian. love to hear from anyone who has some shit and garbage on her she aint running away for no reason.

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  • Hey this is the wrong place to air all this BULLSHIT try another place

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