Best anal position

We have been married for two years and have a wonderful life just moved into a home we are purchasing and we have both improved within the generous companies we both work at and love.
So far our sexual life is just terrific we do it most night's missionary and doggie and in the morning usually oral (69).
My husband has been sort of pestering to do anal, I do love him and want to go ahead but I am so tight the first time he just tried to push it in and it hurt so he has been lubing me then putting his fingers in he also puts butt plugs and dildo's in suggesting it will help me expand and get comfortable, it is working for sure.
The one thing I need help with is the initial mounting position, my girlfriends that do and like anal say start off with missionary, well lubed with legs as high as possible however my husband wants to take my bum cherry going straight into doggie he want's it so bad that way and I don't want to disappoint him, one of my girlfriends says he is desperate to be dominant and that he should respect my feeling's we can move to doggie when I am comfortable and he can be as dominant as he likes she even wears a thick collar with "BITCH" printed on it for her man, maybe I should offer him that ?


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  • As a man, I think butt sex is more psychological than physical. I really prefer a warm wet vagina, which totally wraps around my entire cock. An asshole is only tight at the opening, and has very little contact deep inside. The act of dominating my woman and fucking her in the ass, and her being submissive and willingly letting me fuck her up the ass is what it's all about, for me any way. My wife really enjoys anal sex, and has very strong orgasms from it, but she has to be very much in the mood for it and it does require loads of lubrication, and a little alcohol always helps her relax. You should find a position that is most comfortable for you, to start with. If you are in pain, it will never be good for either one of you. Good luck and happy fucking.

  • A good anal requires she milk your cock with her sphincter. Love the "pop" as I push past the opening

  • My man wanted desperately doggie for our first anal penetration so we took quite a while preparing for the mounting because he is pretty large and thick, he fingered with lube, I wore ever increasing sizes of butt plugs and he often played my butt with large dildo's, it took about five serious tries before he entered fully, pumped and got us both to orgasm, we just adore it now and have a large fluffy rug in the lounge as our play area, the idea of a dog collar has excited me

  • My wife and I do anal doggie all the time it is really great, I took her bum cherry doggie and would have really been pissed off if it was any other way so please think hard about it with your husband he only gets one chance at that velvet cherry Darling don't spoil it for him eh ?
    At least let him have you doggie first time then you can change to other positions, I am dominant and love the feeling when she is nude on all fours with her arse held high for me.

  • Lay him down and climb on top of him, cowgirl.
    That way you control the insertion. You decide how fast and deep it goes in. Take a little at a time, in and out and as it feels better take him deeper. Before you know it you will have him buried balls deep inside your ass.
    After a while of riding him you will gladly get on your hands and knees and let him tear up your ass from behind, and you will love every bit of it. You will find yourself meeting his thrusts with your own!

  • Thank you so much that I will certainly discuss with him xx

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