Friend's sexy wife

My friend just got married for the first time at age 37, and his wife is a little younger (33) and very attractive: fit, leggy, great ass, beautiful face. I was over at their place helping my friend fix the motor of his old Cadillac when he invited me in for lunch. He calls his wife, and she comes down from upstairs and starts making us sandwiches in the kitchen. She was wearing jeans, but they were unbuttoned, unzipped and open, with her panties showing in the front.

My friend said "Hey honey, what's up with the open jeans?" Without hesitation, she said bluntly, "When you called me down, I wasn't done masturbating." She didn't say anything else and proceeded to make us lunch.

I'm a happily married guy of 18 years, but seeing my friend's wife like that made my balls ache for release. She is so sexy. I think she might be a bit of a flirt too, which is fine by me.

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  • Next time pull out your cock and say “since we are playing show and tell I thought I pull mine out my cock to see if anyone noticed “

  • Well I'd be sniffin' those sandwiches like there was no tomorrow!

  • Your friend wants you to fuck his wife, and she's down with it too. You are obviously too polite not to get/react to the signal.

  • That was your cue to fuck her fool

  • She definitely wants to be fucked by the both of you

  • She is giving you a hint.

  • The woman appears before you with her jeans undone and references masturbating, and you "think she might be a bit of a flirt"?

    What would you need to convince you?

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