The modest and the slut

I have two sides inside me.
In the first side i want to be a virgin , kind , modest girl with calm personality that hears opera and choral , classical music , with an innocent looking and mind , smile nicely , listening her parents , dressing with long black robes and have distance from men , going to church and pray and have good manners, says to people that sex before marriage is wrong and masturbation a sin, who never masturbate and never experience orgasm and to look like an innocent angel with modest language and all the parents would like to have a daughter like me .
In my second side i want to be innocent looking too but to be a slut deep down who doing sex with anyone ,white men , black men , young men , old men , anyone , masturbate with huge dildos all the time , dressing like nun and be in a monastery and waiting in a room to get fucked really hard by many men , just lying on bed and anyone who wanted could come and put their penis deep inside me , inside my vagina and butt at the same time for any times they want and have orgasms everyday , all men that i would had sex could ejaculate on my underwear so when i wear it i can feel their sperm in my vagina and butt , i would have sperm by many men on my underwear all the time , everywhere i go perhaps for shopping i would had their sperm on my underwear and feel it warm , and to had sperm inside my mouth inside my vagina and inside my butt , men would tied me and fuck me hard and spank me hard on the butt any times they want and i would do anything they say and call me whore and push me down and fuck me and push me and fuck me and push me and fuck me, i would scream that i need them and they would ignore me and only sees me like something that they can satisfy all their sexual , perverted needs , and i would watch men have sex each other and i would be tied begging them to fuck me and i masturbated and ejaculated while i watched them , and then come to me and sat on my face and put dildos and vibrators inside my vagina and butt, i want to have sex in any place you can think of , I would like to have illegal sex , for example to have sex with my best friend's boyfriend in one room while my best friend is in another room at the same house , or have sex with a married man and next is his wife sleeping , or touching a young boy under the covers while his parents are next to us and know nothing about the pleasure i give to their son , i fantasize that they come thieves in my house and rape me in my balcony in front of my neighbors and see how much i enjoy it , i fantasize i visit jail and there all the pervert men fuck my tight vagina and butt , i fantasize that I am in a bus with a lots of people and I touch and caress my butt on a stranger man's penis without even see his face and I could feel it inside his clothes and then he take of my pants and underwear and fuck me slowly without anyone else notice what we're doing , i love to caress my vagina and butt on my covers cause I can imagine that it's a kind penis that came to hug me , i fantasize that i'm in college and be the best student and all the boys with their girlfriends mock me and call me freak and ugly , and at night i would work like a sex worker with other look and the same boys would fuck me repeatedly without know who i am and tell me i am better than their girlfriends,
and i would like to be in a company perhaps of 9 men and afraid to touch me thinking i am too innocent and shy but at the same time in my mind they would deepthroating me and fuck me hard all together again and again.
and anywhere i went i would take part in threesomes and gangbangs.
Oh God I expressed the slut inside me
The side I show to people is the first one , the side of the modest innocent looking girl , it doesnt mean that this side is fake but i am so horny sometimes.


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  • What an awesome confession. Probably the hottest thing I have ever read. Made me immediately hard. We share a lot in common. Dual sides. The only difference is I have lived some of mine out. Let me share with you. Write me at one2 knowinkc @ aol . Com. Please. ;)

  • I use to be conflicted like this until I met the right/wrong guy. He turned me from the innocent virgin to a cock hungry slut. All he wanted was sex and gave it to him all the time. He got me to have sex with other girls. Give him threesomes. He even shared me with a couple of his friends from time to time. I did everything he wanted. When we broke up I went through a major slutty phase fucking anyone that showed interest.

  • I like it when a girl from an innocent become a slut its so hot !
    You must be really loved him and i liked it that you were listening to him it was sweet , and if you went through major slutty phase its okay you had a lot of pleasure on your body !

  • Girls like you will end up being a total slut basically begging for cocks everyday. I love it

  • I am afraid maybe your right cause i am still a virgin .
    Once i was in a bus and saw a man's penis inside his pants .
    Although i didnt like his face and it was not the type of man i like , i felt wet .

  • Me too sister. I really wanna do everything you described, both of the sides. And u forgot to mention how girls like us want men to watch us fuck each other. I'm totally straight but sometimes
    i want to have sex with another girl in front of some men. They would love it!!!

  • I want to have sex with another girl too but not in front of a man , i prefer watching men doing sex eatch other , it would turn me on .

  • I didn’t think I would like that, until we were having a MFM 3some with a friend of my bf, and he made my bf suck his cock, and put his cock in my bfs ass while my bf had his cock in my pussy. So hot to feel the thrusting.

  • I would like it if my boyfriend ( if I had one ) put his penis inside me and St the same time an another man put his penis inside my boyfriend's butt . So hot !

  • Love the slut side! How a girl should be.

  • Thats true !

  • Then, there are those who desire nothing but to first blur, then erode and finally remove the distinction between the two. Imagine finding it ever more difficult to maintain that distinction, constantly confused as to which world you were in at the moment, and always second guessing yourself ...

  • That's true .

  • WOW...... I would love to meet you, just remember six days a sinner, one day a saint.

  • Thank you !

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