Want sex all the time

Hi i am in my early 40s curvy women with huge tits , i have a boyfriend who is a lot older than me we have a very active sex life but i want more i want him to fuck me in front of his friends i want him to make me have sex with other men i want to be with a least 5 men at once i love anal sex oral in fact i love anything to do with sex i am a great believer that women are here to please man in anything they want and believe me i would do anything my man asked of me

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  • Thanks for the comments. I run my own business and in the day I am a successful business person. But when I get through the door of my house I change I do all house work cooking and cleaning I always give my guy breakfast in bed and if he is not to much in a rush a blow job before work .

  • Love to taste your pussy

  • I want you to be my wife, I want my wife to be exactly like you

  • I would to have you as my girlfriend, you are a dream lady to me. I was talking dirty to my GF. She liked it to the point until when I brought up.How many cocks would you like? She went nuts on me and ended sex right there. I was serious, wrong woman to bring that up to

  • Well why don't you suggest starting up a porn making business or brothel with him and make money doing what you love best then?

  • I’m horny all the time too. I fuck for money and not and I fuck myself. Right now, my pussy juice is dripping to my ass.

  • I love sex so much would love to stream sex videos from my bedroom

  • You almost make me horny and i am female

  • You need to work on your punctuation, as that is a terrible run-on sentence, but I think most guys (me included) would forgive you if you backed up that ass to the crew in a gangbang.

  • Hi punctuation never been a strong point . Even when I got my masters degree at university I have a degree in all massage so not only do I love sex I can give a good massage too

  • There is no way you have a master's degree when you write at a 3rd grade level. I don't care what discipline is your specialty.

  • Haha I have graduated university 5 years ago but I do suffer from dyslexia in a big way

  • I dunno man. This is too 'stream of consciousness' for me. Also, I prefer that my women have an IQ that is at least equal to her bust. But that's just me.

  • You made me hard.

  • You certainly sound like a wonderful lady, every man's dream.

  • I wish . I have dropped so many hints to him . I have even asked him to be my master for all his pleasure

  • I wish you lived near me...the things I'd do...

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