Wife getting fucked

My wife doesn't want to be a whore but when I bring guys to her she takes them. She has been with 6 men since we have been together. I love watching her fuck and suck.

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  • My wife and I started talking about doing swinger and three ways one night after drinking. I can’t remember who brought it up the next day she didn’t saying anything about it. I couldn’t get it out of my head I really wanted to do it but didn’t know if it was just the alcohol. It was a few weeks later still my mind wanted to do this so bad finally I brought it up. She smiled saying she remembered us talking and said she had been imagining it. I asked what exactly she was imagining she said me and another guy having our way with her. We ended up going online to a local hookups site and finding a guy very endowed. I let him go first he was very aggressive and pounded my wife hard making her orgasm. I took her after she was stretched out loose from his bigger cock we fucked till I cam. He was rock hard when I was done I held his cock guiding it inside my wife for round 2. I included myself this time having he suck me while I licked her clit and ran my ting along his cock as it pounded her pussy

  • Any suggestions advice you can give me to do the same with my wife

  • How long have you been together, and do you have any tips on how to get wives to agree to this? My wife is 28, smoking hot, and we've made vids together and I love the way she looks getting screwed. I'd love to see someone else fuck her, but she won't go for it.

  • I agree would love to to watch my wife getting screwed

  • Cocaine.

  • That's easy just get her drunk, worked on my wife.

  • Mine too

  • Care to share the videos or pictures man ?

  • I want this too

  • Take any pics or videos ???

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