I would like to meet new people to chat with on messenger

I like to talk to people about incest and other sexual activity on the messenger. I am 19 blond green eyes with a beautiful figure I have bee told. It took me a long time to convince my dad to fuck me and I would like to chat with other people with the same kind of problems I had.

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  • Email me at MeganThomson20@yahoo.co and tell me what you would like to say and I will write back to you ok.

  • I have had stuff done too me since i was 7 and it was on my communion when it started and my cousins and I still do stuff now.

  • Please email me Meganthomson20@yahoo.com and tell me about your experiences I'm really interrested in them.

  • We can talk about incest if you want, Jed.

  • I'm on facebook to MeganThomson also

  • Please email me at MeganThomson20@yahoo.com and I will answer you for sure.

  • Ive never been involved with incest.
    However I and some friends "initiated" the daughter of a friend

  • Did she like haveing incesteral sex with some of her kin.I would love to here about it please. Megan Thomson.

  • I very much have being involved with incest. It truely can be a wonderfull experience..

  • Cut this post off since no body will believe me any way good bye fucked ups.

  • Fake picture of a model

  • Who is this and how much do you know about pictures any way.It happens to be me and I'm not fake but you need to go on abd be an ass hoel back on rawcomfessions.

  • I'm on messenger almost all the time at MeganThomson20@yahoo .com

  • I’m guessing your email is under a false name. I can’t find you on any social media under Megan Thonson

  • My email is megaonthomson20 @yahoo.com

  • Oh baby! If you were my daughter, I would fuck you in a heartbeat!

  • Yes send me an e-mail address and we can share a lot there. mine is Meganthomson20@yahoo .com looking forward to hearing from you ok.

  • Do you have Yahoo messenger if you do I will invite you in to discuss this and go from there.

  • You know Nick Name I'm not letting you back in so get the hell out of here and go back to you buddies at raw confessions

  • Lmao. Yeah... I’m not going to waste my time talking to someone who is pretending to be a hundred different people on this site. If I talk to someone about her fucking her dad, I want it to be real. Not bullshit just to get attention. Fuck off “Megan”. And who the fuck uses Yahoo still? That’s like saying you use aol or msn. I bet you use Myspace for social media.

  • You can stay away from here and go fucking with your daddy if thats what you want bimbo

  • Hi Megan send me a snapchat luke0p00

  • Don't have I phone so its hard to get snapchat. but if I do I'll send you one.

  • What's your email Megan, mines Shaman@eversure.co.za

  • I would love to tslk to you about lifr in general but especially mine with daddy. so what do you think.

  • Meganthomson20@yahoo.com

  • MeganThonson20@ yahoo.com

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