I just sucked off my neighbor and let him fuck me

THis morning, not an hour ago my neighbor came by to deliver a box that was dropped at his door. I was making coffee and invited him in. I wasn't even thinking of sex. he came over in his robe but not suggestively, and I was in my own robe. he sat down while I poured him a cup and his dick slipped out and it was fucking massive. he didn't immediately attempt to cover it and I couldn't stop myself.

I literally dropped to my knees and put the giant thing in my mouth and hungrily sucked on it like a maniac. my own robe slipped open and exposed my thighs and part of my ass, which he reached for, grabbed and bend over the table. then he moved around grabbed the olive oil off the stovetop, oiled his cock and fucked me right in the ass. Hi giant dick stretched me open and he pounded my ass until he came and as he did, I did. It was fucking awesome.

I have never been with another man, I'm straight and I assume he is too. Shit,. I just sucked dick, got fucked in the ass and loved it.

I need to do it again right now. WTF

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  • I to have a neighbor who three weeks ago fucked my ass in the kitchen as we were just having a cup of coffee and he became a animal. Yes a animal and wouldn't listen to me at all. He wanted my ass and he got it three times over the next two hours all because I saw his semi hard cock and made a statement about how big he was and he told me I hadn't seen nothing yet.
    In a minute he became hard and said to me "now that you have seen me I want to see you" came over to me and began to remove my clothing as his hard cock pushed against my pubs I started to push him away but I quit for some unknown reason to me. OK yes I wanted his hard cock in me, ok I said it and yes he gave it to me four times that morning and every morning since.
    All I think about is his hard cock ball deep in me, all 11 inches of him pressing deep in my pussy and my ass.
    My first anal and god did I scream when he shoved himself deep in me in three thrusts but when he came in me right then and there I knew I wanted him again and again there. He drove me to a orgasm like I never had before making my whole body trembling on him.
    Last night he came over wanting to know if my husband had a hand saw he could borrow and I said ask him he's in the den as his hand grabbed hold of my ass right beneath my skirt, I turned looked him in the eye and told him not now as he pulled me closer and he gave me several kisses and again his hard cock led the way. I litterly gave myself to him right there in the kitchen and he no sooner filled my pussy with his cum and my husband called out to me who's here and where's my beer.

  • I really don't think you should be proud of this

  • I don't think I used the work "pride". It was exciting, felt amazing and the thought of it gets me horny now. I had no idea previous to this that a very large dick in my ass and mouth could be so satisfying in so many ways. I don't think I'll go out into the world in pursuit of cock but I don't think I'd turn one down if the perfect situation arrives again. they rarely do.

  • Wow, this sounds like me but I am a woman. We have been living here about 12 years and unfortunately his wife passed away about a year and half ago. There was a box on our steps but it was his and I noticed it getting the kids out the door for the bus. I put it just inside the door then as I was getting myself another cup of coffee I had a thought cross my mind. I put on my robe and went over with the box and my cup, he is always up really early and it was no surprise to see him walking thru his kitchen as I approached his rear patio.
    I walked in and told him about the box then he asked if I wanted some more coffee, the first thing I noticed was he was only wearing a t-shirt and boxers and the head of his penis was bouncing around moving the front of his shorts around. After about a half hour of talking he stood up again and he was larger than before and I just suddenly had the urge to really see what was under the shorts. I got up and walked over to him he turned around to ask me what was up and I got down on my knees and pulled down his shorts. Holy shit was all he said as I started sucking on that monster, it is huge and I enjoyed it completely that morning.

  • Excellent! It's important to have good relations with neighbors. Thank you for taking care of this widower.

  • I felt like I could not say enough in the above post so I took a few minutes and told the story, hopefully it posts in the next few days.

  • Do you feel that the sheer size of his manhood made the experience more compelling for you ... as if that is what you were SUPPOSED to do?

  • Can I come over and lick you wet cunt before bending you over and fucking you doggie style ?

  • You understand men do not have cunts, right?

  • Of course we do. you get yours pounded and stretched out enough and it's a pussy for sure. Make that manhole into a cunt so everyone can enjoy it

  • If you're right, everyone else must revise their definition of 'straight.' What you describe most certainly is not straight. My take is that you just need the right guy with the right dick to bring the truth out of you ... Remember -- you took dick, loved dick and need dick right now. For a guy, that isn't straight.

  • Meh. I personally don't label myself. When I'm out and about and if it comes up around friends, I'm straight. When I'm looking, I'm definitely not straight. Saying you're straight in casual conversation with friends doesn't provoke questions. Saying I'm bisexual does.

  • I think everyone could stand to revise their views. I don't really care if this makes you think I'm gay. that cock was a monster and I can't wait to get it again. I still love women so, I'm good. It's not like anything has changed. same dude and I love that cock.

  • No problem man. It's just that ... you can't say, 'straight.' Not honestly. What you've described is bisexuality. Simple as that! Have a good one!

  • "Kinsey 1"

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