Sex the older men

I confess to being the other woman. When I was 18 I started dating /fucking men in their 40's.I loved the attention they gave me, that guys my own age couldn't
give me or didn't know how to give me. I often was taken
to nice upscale places stayed in lavish hotels never had to
want for anything. I will admit I was doing things for them
their wives wouldn't do. It felt empowering being the
woman to fulfill their needs and wants. Then one day true
hurt and heart break paid me a visit. I met the wife of the
man I was fucking, the pain hurt and anger in her eyes.
I was the reason her husband never touches her anymore.
I was the reason he stopped spending time with his children and grandchildren.

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  • Hell, My wife and I have sex once a year if that. I keep a lover to fill my needs, not your fault

  • YOU were the reason? Fuck that. He made a decision and is responsible for his own choices. You did not hurt this woman, her husband betrayed and hurt her.

  • I am a man who was tempted by a younger single woman and although she did everything and I ended up leaving my wife and two boys for about six months we got back together and I have regretted this every day even though it was 20 years ago because something innocent might happen in everyday life which brings back the hurt I caused my family at the time because actually my sex life with my wife was great before it happened I still don't know why I strayed

  • This is tough. That said, I have to wonder what was their relationship before you entered the picture? If she begrudged him of sex all of three times a year, if she refused to entertain any play, evidenced no imagination and essentially turned the relationship into a 'roommate' situation, she can hardly hold you answerable for what happened.

    Of course, it may not be like that at all. But the thing is, we live in such a world that anyone can find someone. Those who refuse to take care of business at home need to reckon with the fact that however much a loser/slob/unromantic organism this man/woman is presumed to be -- there is someone out there who will be glad to do their job for them.

    Whether one agrees is beside the point. This is today's world.

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