Thoughts of having sex for the first time

I'm a 15 almost 16 year old girl... I've been with the same guy almost 5 months and he's fingered me and stuff and I've thought of having sex with him but I'm afraid to talk about it since we've never talked about it before... What do I do?

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  • By far the best idea is to have a discussion with your mother and explain that you may be thinking of doing it and could she please go with you to the Doc to get a prescription for the pill, I am certain she will be very happy to help after you start taking it you have two protection's one from pregnancy the other from parental ire if they find out, I did this with my daughter and was so happy I did plus I informed my husband, we even allowed her young man to sleep over.
    After that you can do whatever you want, Best wishes Darling xxx

  • Protection ,Protection ,Protection.. Just remember the pullout method does not work, Tell him No Glove No Love. You are in control.

  • I've see way to many young girls get pregnant in my time working in the courts. You don't do anything in the realm of intercourse without birth control.

  • It's not illegal?

  • You're way too young for this website. Don't rush sex. It'll happen.

  • Let him fun in your pussy a few times

  • Yes ok. Have you any children..

  • You get off this site sweetie and stay off. Your a minor and I said on few occasions on these posts that I caught my daughter in bed with a boy in just her panties. She rescived a good long spanking as I stated in earlier posts and if you were my little girl you would rescive the same baby girl. Play with yourself honey but if I caught you doing that with a boy at your age I can twll you that your little bare bottom would be roasted and you would find it hard too sit in school and at home. Also like my baby girl whos grounded and early bed time and get spanked on her bare bum before bed and that sweetie is what your mommy should do too you..

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