My husband of 3 years is asking me to have sex with his co-worker

We are a couple [F26 & M28]. First of all, my husband and I have sex regularly around 2 times a week, and I was satisfied and believed that we had a good marriage relationship.
Recently, my husband has been inviting his co-worker over for dinner, and he is a very pleasant person and I found a lot in common with him, he is very into fashion just like me and we connected very quickly.
Although I haven't known him for a long time, he proved to be a good friend and often came over for dinner. He and my husband seem to have a very good relationship.
I was shocked when my husband suddenly asked me before going to bed last night if I would like to have sex with the co-worker. I was super surprised and I will say that I will never cheat on my husband and play around with other men behind his back. But he was very insistent and asked me if I would like this. Obviously this was sudden but apparently my husband has a "cheating" fetish, or I think it is called cuckolding? I want him to enjoy our sex life as much as I do and so I listened to what he had to say about this.
He says he had asked the co-worker who reluctantly agreed but only if I also agree. I'll be honest and say that I am open to anything that my husband wants me to try, but at the same time this is something that is new to me. I told him that I'd think about it and tell him in a few days.
Obviously I didn't get a good night’s sleep as I was thinking about what to do. Today my husband told me that he didn't want to force me to do something I don't want to do and that he wants me to take it slowly like going on a date first and take it over time if I preferred. He also told me that he is fine with me doing it even if he is not around, but he'd prefer to be able to watch... I'm still unsure of what to do but I do want to make my husband happy.
I haven't said if I would go along with it or not yet. But I have talked to both my husband and his co-worker together about it and both of them says that I am the one with the decision and it is all up to me. What should I do?

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  • Once you get that bigger cock and he’s much better than your hubby you will be constantly thinking about fucking others to satisfy that need of sexually fulfillment

  • I did it but like you I went along with what my husband wanted and for the past five months I have been fucked by over thirty different men some of which my husband wasn't even around. The big trouble now is I am beginning to love the variety and it's just about daily I have someone different, Hispanics, blacks and whites it don't matter to me but if you'd ask me I'd say I prefer Hispanics why well for several reasons but it was an Hispanic that first took me analy and they have a lot of friends that would love to gang you and run a train on you.
    Now every Saturday I have to go to Juan's home and usually there are from 5 to 11 guys there waiting and I am there's to do with what ever they want and I can't say or don't want to say NO. Nothing better as far as I am concerned and this is what my husband wanted of me.

  • Don't cross that bridge. Your husband is just trying to condition you to be okay with casual sex to fulfill his fetish. It's demeaning. Sex is for couples who are committed and in love, and who use sex as an appropriate expression of that love. It's not for "banging genitals with his bros." Remind him of that.

  • Make sure it's something you want and if your attracted to the guy as well. Never know he might have a bigger cock and ducks better than husband. Then it's a win win win situation your hubby gets his wish his Co work get lucky. Obviously you would get to enjoy really good sex better than hubby gives it to you and everyone is happy! Plus your getting to do this while he watches and consents can't go wrong there!

  • Wow awesome situation. Have asked wife to do this, very reluctant.

  • Do it for your husband he really wants to see his wife getting fucked by another guy it will turn him on and the better and harder you fuck the guy the more you show your husband the other guys cock in your mouth when you suck the other guys cock make sure your husband can see you and show him how much you love sucking that guys cock tell your husband many times show him how much you love it make your husband watch and when you fuck the guy you try to fuck the guy more than he fucks you make sure your husband See's how much you love that mans cock inside you fuck him hard and let your husband see that guys cock inside you the whole time and fuck him hard and when you and your husband have sex he will be so excited and turned on that your going to get the best fuck your husband has ever gave you than tell him that you want that guy to come back and fuck you again and fuck him even harder have the guy cum on your mouth and have your husband french kiss you for a couple minutes your husband is going to fuck the hell out of you your about to find out that your husband is the best fuck you ever had

  • My wife and I have had many threesomes with a coworker of mine. It started with me showing him pics of her naked and then us webcammimg with him. She would show him her tits, or give me a blow job while he watched and jerked off. One night we went to dinner with him and ended back at his house. One thing led to another and before I knew it she was on her knees sucking us both off. We then jumped in his bed naked and had sex in about every way possible. We all enjoyed it and have continued it to this day. I love watching her ride his cock or cramming both our cocks in her mouth! We've been doing it for years and have had no issues at all. If your relationship is solid, give it a try. If it's not, don't do it.

  • Hi there I'm Lisa, I've been in your shoes, it started with a drunken party, then threesomes, then orgies, but my husband never joined in. We went to counseling for over a year twice a week. I felt ashamed and demoralized. But I wanted him happy. It turns out that my husband wanted to be with my sister, she's always telling us about her swinging times. After some time I approach my sis and asked if she would be willing, her reply to was, you know me, I can't say no. They hit it off great, our marriage was going good again. But then we decided to limit it to once a year. Once a year we would both take a vacation with each others spouse, and pretend like we were married. We did a makeshift ceremony to join us as sexual partners, rings, dresses, suits. Just no family. We meet for the holidays, but once a year it's on. And the best part is we are all happy

  • You don’t have to go the whole way first time.
    Why don’t you just try some intimate touching first to see if you can feel comfortable with the guy.
    The first time we tried, I just wanted the guy to give me a naked massage to see if it would relax me and thst worked really well. Although I was a little apprehensive at first, this “warmup” lead to us going ahead with the planned threesome later that same evening.

  • Baby don't do it you will end up with no respect from anyone

  • I dont think it cuckolding. He gets turned on by watching you get pleased by someone else. He wants a stag and vixen relationship and that's different from cuckolding

  • Can you please explain?

  • The statistics for success in marriages with this type of sexual play is under 10%. If you want to stay married, I say don’t. Though it’s unlikely you’ll remain married with a husband that disrespects you like this. Good luck.

  • If you're attracted to him and think it will be fun, go for it. Just make sure that the guy isn't married or has a gf.

  • This is something that I’ve wanted my wife to do for ages, and it isn’t because I don’t love her. She is my world, but something about it turns me on so much

  • Yeah because it’s all about you and not about your marriage or the fact that you’re basically
    Whoring out your wife? Selfish, don’t you think? You’ll end up divorced when she fucks someone and decides she likes it better than you.

  • Me too...
    There is another recent post on here titled: "Understanding The whole Cuckold Phenomenon". I think it explains quite a lot about why we feel the way we do

  • Same here!

  • Only 2x a week?

  • There is an old saying, Never shit where you eat. Translated "To never mess around at work it will come back and bite you" This whole thing is a huge shit sandwich. If it wasn't with a co worker of your husband. I would not even bother making a comment

  • When the time will inevitably arrive and your soul will leave your body behind. Never have any regrets, or wished you had done this or done that. One life is all we will have so enjoy it will we can.

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