I'm fixated on anal sex

I love anal sex, the thought of it, the imagery, the feeling of using big dildos, the taboo, the "dirty or naughtiness" factor, the way my hole feels during and after, the tingling I feel thinking about it, etc...I love it.

I want to rim my wife and enjoy anal sex with her and I so wish she would peg me and watch me use dildos on myself and that she would want to explore them herself.

alas, she does not, nor does she want to be part of my fetish with penetrating myself. she does know about my fixation and I think it either scares her or turns her off or she just doesn't understand it.

If I were single I would definitely explore with a Dom or someone who would like to be into this kind of thing with a man. But I love her so I continue my habits on my own. It's sad.

In my fantasies I think about getting gangbanged or pimped out or having my wife arrange groups of people to fuck me, or meeting someone randomly in the park who will fuck me. It's all just fantasy and I wouldn't want to have this life for real, it's just masturbation fantasy. sexuality is very complex....

My sex life with my wife is very slow, almost non existent, so these fantasies get stronger. It's just a frustration


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  • I'd be happy to tongue your ass

  • Ok.

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