I jack off way too much

I cant help it ,when ever the urge hits me I have to find some place that is some what safe and jack off.I never know when the urge will hit me but when it does it is all I can think about and I cant control myself and the urge just keeps getting stronger till I give in .I jack off some times 10 or more times a day and because I play with my tiny (3 inch) dick so much I am unable to get it up for normal real sex like with a woman.I have been caught at work and have even been fired from a few jobs when I couldnt keep from playing with my little dick. I do it so much that when I cum there is only a small amount but I always catch it in my hand and lick it all up and swallow every little drop.

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  • You sound normal to me, I beat off in the bathroom at work all the time.

  • You can stop. You're just not trying. What you need to do is to quit tossing for some 4-5 months. By then, you'll be on the brink of ejaculating spontaneously. Even the slightest stimulation [as a combination of walking down the street and seeing a pretty girl] will make it happen. It will be so very humiliating. And you'll get to explain why this happened. You MIGHT even get to keep your job. In fact, some woman might be intrigued that you're so mouse hung and decide to lay you just to write 'sex with a microdick' off her bucket list of life.

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