I secretly watched as my neighbour was fucking my wife

It was in the summer and we had been invited to a barbecue at the neighbour’s house. The wine was flowing freely and we were having a really good time. As the evening progressed, some of the guests moved inside leaving the others dancing and talking in the garden.
My wife was clearly a little bit drunk and had been flirting shamelessly with one or two of the male guests. She was still dancing with one of the guys, as I went back inside to top up our wine glasses. When I returned I noticed from the French doors that my wife was now being held much closer by her partner, there were only the two of them dancing now and in the dim light I could see that he had his hands inside her dress.
I watched as he whispered something to her and they moved towards the back of the house. I followed discretely at a distance. As soon as they thought they were out of sight he had her pressed firmly up against a tree and kissed her passionately as he fumbled with her clothing. Her breasts were soon exposed and he lowered his lips to suck on each nipple. I was mesmerised as I watched him spread her legs and enter her roughly, pumping away as she gasped and moaned to each stroke. When he came, he let it spurt all over her exposed flesh and the black material of her dress.
I slipped back into the house as they tried to compose themselves. I know that she has cheated many times before, but she is unaware that I know. I find it thrilling to watch and one day I will pluck up the courage to participate in one of these encounters.

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  • Sounds good. I had to listen thru the wall as my fiance was drilled by the neighbour next door.He really knew how to fuck her too,never heard her moan like that and so loud.I must say I've never been that hard and turned on.I thought they'd break the bed at one point.And the speed he was pounding I could sweaty flesh slapping together.

  • I was with my neighbor in his apartment, when I heard my fiancé, who I thought was on a business trip, fucking a woman in our apartment. It turned us on and we ended up fucking too. I never said anything to my fiancé, and I’m still having sex with the neighbor.

  • I followed discretely ...
    I was mesmerized ...
    I watched ...
    I find it thrilling ...

    Welcome to the cuckold fetish!

  • You have experience then?

  • No, but I have an eye for zeroing in on what matters in posts, and write reasonably well.

  • But you said "welcome to the cuckold fetish"

  • Yes. I did. But I 'welcomed' him from without, not within the community. And as I said, I write reasonably well...

    On another matter, would you be open to forwarding your wife's email so that I could write her? Would that arouse you to know that someone was discussing intimate things with your wife?

  • No,actually you first wrote "Welcome to".Maybe you should try and write more than 5 lines,try a nice,long,dirty fantasy.

  • Yes. I did say, 'welcome to.' But that doesn't position me inside the community real time -- not that it would matter if I was in that community.

    You did, of course, notice that the 'lines' I cited were extracted from the original post. The point was to indicate in terms that could not be denied that the OPer in fact entered the world of cuckdom...

  • Also from what you wrote,my wife would find you boring as shit.

  • Why not show the strength of your stated convictions by sharing with me her email addy...

  • It would be fair if me and my wife were in an open marriage but she successfully cuckolded me and I admit I've found it a huge turn on

  • As fucked up as it sounds, I’d love for my 28 yo virgin fiancée to do this, as I secretly watch.

  • I've set up tiny hidden cameras throughout my house. It's amazing and proof if I ever need it. For now I am just enjoying the show's.

  • I secretly watched as my best friend banged my step daughter

  • That must have been awful. you should get some videos next time and black mail them both and get money and leave then post it all over the toilet walls of their work place and all the public places they go.

  • That's pretty awesome, but your wife must be as dumb as a rock if she thinks she is getting away with it.

  • Sweet! Why not tell this neighbor that you're 'in' on the secret and want him to do the dirty again ... and again ... and again ... and again ... and again ...

  • Did you eat that sloppy dripping pussy?..Mmmmmmmm

  • Love it and I’m jealous :)

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