Sucking first cock

I have been searching on CL, and i see plenty of nice cocks to suck, but i am afraid of catching something. What does everyone else do? Do I insist on using a condom? Sucking a condom doesnt sound to great. Would love to feel cum fill my throat.

Any advise?

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  • Just make sure there are no unusual bumps and that it's neatly trimmed

  • Tell karen to stop lying and stealing my things too or she will be under a semi quick. the lying cheating sex maniac wanker she is. the run away mother with no morals and chasing cockold where ever she goes now. her father is still alive he might be on CL> chatbums.

  • The cL emjoys! craigs lost. that place is disgusting

  • The dam damage he has done! hope adam gets a good beating at the next race pit stop. if he ever gets off drugs with his partner and kids that will be a shock. they are using each other and K is no innocent and she is a liar too and a druggy. oh well, maybe she go ride a chook soon.

  • Don't use CL. Use adam4adam

  • After he cum in your mouth wash it out with warm water and soap

  • Warm water and SOAP? I would suggest Listerine, do not put soap in your mouth. Gargle with it as well.

  • If you use a condom get the super thin ones and make sure there is no lubricant or spermicide on them. Sucking a cock with one on it is not that different from without, get them in the largest size they have that way the cock is not restrained at the head. I have found that most guys willing to suck you as well are far more safe than those who just want you to suck them but you are correct with worrying about catching something.

  • Sounds good to me, thanks for the advise, still hesitant, but still looking

  • My first dick sucking was a CL guy. I was picky with who I replied to and finally found someone clean and with in the area to come let me try. Granted his dick wasn't the biggest like i wanted for it being my first dick to suck on I got down as soon as he sat down and started sucking his dick it was only like 6 inches but I worked and played his dick and him being bi he even told me I almost made him cum. I since than have went back and he fucked my throat out and pounded my ass CL is OK if your careful. Good luck

  • Get a nice regular boyfriend that you love, does not have too much experience and is prepared to get all the test's for sexual diseases, then go as hard as you like sweetie xx

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