Our first porno video

After a couple of times having threesomes with my wife and George ( a mate of mine). He's about 10 years younger with me and my wife in our early 30s we all get on great in the sex department. My wife although plump she's always game so when me and George came back from the pub one night asking can we make porno video with me using the video camera while she and George make out with her starting off by her doing a saucy striptease. She said definitely no at first but after a couple of days of me pestering she gave in. We've small workshop at the back of a chip shop where she makes cushions ect, this is where we would film. It was planned for a Sunday afternoon when it's always quite there except for the odd car coming parking just outside (if only they knew what was about to happen inside).I set the workshop out in the morning putting an old mattress on the floor leaving space for her to dance while she stripped all the time getting worked up thinking what will be happening shortly. She wouldn't let me see what she was wearing until I went back to pick her up. She was wearing her wraparound skirt, see-through blouse and just gave me a quick flash of her stockings.
George was waiting in his van when we got back to the workshop. We were acting nervously at first wondering who was to start the afternoon. I started by asking George did he like what she was wearing. The answer was definitely yes but the cheeky bugger followed by saying he's looking forward to see what she's wearing under the skirt. It was now Jen told me to put the music on then. She'd just started taking her blouse off and I started filming when because of the obvious distraction the door of the workshop opened standing there was Mike and Alan friends of Georges (I thought I'd locked the door). They'd seen Georges van outside and were just calling for a chat but seeing Jen standing there blouse unfastened with me filming, George sitting watching they obviously asked what they were missing out on and could they stay and watch. At first we were lost for words but it was cheeky George who said about us making a porno video but clearly they’ve interrupted. I thought as well the afternoon would stop but I hadn't reckoned on Jens feelings. Although we know the guys nothing has happened except the occasional bit of sexy banter when they call with George. Jen who said they could stop and join in if they wanted. I didn't realise she was that worked up herself. The answer was obviously yes asking how far can they go. All Jen said as she stood up again telling me to start the music again "all the way if you're brave enough" (I couldn't believe she was actually inviting them to a gangbang) but here's my chubby wife at least 10 years older than them stripping. First to go was the blouse and bra then the skirt leaving her just in lacy white knickers but now standing just in front of all three guys inviting them to finish stripping her.
I was having a job filming because I was so worked up myself. All three of them with help of Jen took their jeans of followed by their boxers ALL sporting boners. They were feeling her all over with Jen just as bad taking them in turn to caress their Dicks and balls eventually getting her to kneel so that she could give them each a blow job but not cuming, all the time I was filming zooming in every time she took another Dick this led to getting her to lie down, this is when the real action started. They took turns in sucking her nipples which were already rockhard with one of them fingering her really concentrating on her clit even her bottom was fingered. Then she started having orgasms, one after the other three altogether she was literally trembling (I have only ever seen her like this a couple of times). This is when they got her to kneel just like a dog telling her it was their turn now and for the first time telling me to keep filming and watch my wife get a good fucking making me feel like a real cuckold husband and a bit humiliated particularly when they started wobbling her belly and slapping her arse telling me that she must be liking been serviced by proper men. It was now I realised I had no control over what was happening and she was being "used and abused" with her actually enjoying it with me still filming they actually asked does the camera record sound because now they are going to make her "airtight" (until now we didn't know what it meant) but now Alan knelt at her head while Mike lay underneath her sucking her tits pushing his Dick in her Fanny while George knelt behind slowly pushing his Dick in her bottom taking her anally this is when she gave Alan a full blow job. I know I should of been ashamed of myself letting three younger guys have my wife but for some reason I found it a real turn on watching and filming them. George was the only one who didn't actually shoot inside her but pulled out cuming all over her back. They hadn't quite finished either, because all three of them made her lick them clean and she didn't even complain staying still naked. While the guys got dressed again but George hiding Jen's clothes until they were ready to go asking was she into bondage because wouldn't it be great if we all met up again soon. It was obviously up to Jen but we were to let George know her answer. This confession is completely true I am even watching the video tonight again.

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  • Thanks for the comments we obviously watched the video with George afterwards and we are about to make another one

  • I want my wife to do that

  • That is my idea of very fun wife

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