My sister wanted to have sex

My sister married early in life at 19 to a guy who was in his early 30's, hell looking back I wish I could do the same thing. Anyways it lasted just over two years and she was divorced and living back at the house. I was a freshman in college by then and only home on the weekends, I came home on a Friday and usually left early Monday morning.
I came home one Friday just in time to see Mom waiting for a taxi, suitcase packed, I then remembered that she was going on a vacation. We saw her off then I was debating on driving back up to the dorm or hanging around the house for the weekend. I had all my laundry and food was better at home so I decided to stay. My sister was gabby and we got caught up on life while washing clothes and eating. The subject turned to sex and I told her that I had no one steady because the dorm was full of really hot girls willing to have fun all the time. She then asked me a sort of clarification question wanting to know if I was a virgin still or not, I told her that really only applies to women but I started having sex at around 16. She was also surprised which neighbor girl that was and not surprised that it was all her idea to explore each other.
We then kept on talking, watching tv and finishing the laundry until around midnight when I told her that I was beat and heading to bed. She then popped a big surprise question on me that I could not believe, she asked me if I wanted to have sex before going to sleep. I was standing there staring at her, it was not like she was unattractive, I am sure she could have gone out and found any guy to have sex with her. I asked her why in the world she would want to do that with me and her answer surprised me but after a second of thought I could see her point. She told me I was safe and she had not had been with anyone since leaving her husband and did not want to get into a relationship with someone right now. She then shrugged her shoulders and told me so if you just want to have some fun and play around she was really wanting to do it. I told her sure and if things were to weird then we could just stop.
Well we did not stop for at least two hours, she had been prepared for this and picked up condoms, she was really great at sex and we were in every position we could come up with that night. I remember having three orgasms, two of which she did by giving me head and swallowing. I found myself really enjoying it and the next morning she woke me up with a blow job and we had sex all day on Saturday and into the night.

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