Rough sex, rough day

I like rough beatings during sex, and I have since I was like 13. I like having my hair pulled, and especially stomach beatings. But something went wrong recently, I went to a club and got talking with a guy, and I got drunk so I let him and his mates take me back to his apartment. After I told them I liked beatings, they abused me all night. I was tied up, beaten to a pulp, pissed on, just rough things in general. They wouldn't punch my face which I respect, they just focused on my stomach and pussy. Still I started throwing up uncontrollably because of the stomach beatings. After that they just stuck to deepthroating and anal. We stayed up all night having sex, then slept until 2pm. He kept me tied up until 5, gave me £20 to get home and literally threw me out of his apartment. I had no top, just a bra, no makeup, rough dirty hair, I stinked, and didn't know where to go. After a walk of shame down the street and into a taxi, I found my way home. Overall the sex was nice, the beatings were nice but over the top, the guy himself was an asshole, and the walk back was horrible. So it wasn't the best weekend but I'm in those prime teenage/adult years of sex so it's an experience

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  • Getting gut punched till you puke is sex?

  • I dated a woman like this for a little while..She told me she liked the physical, especially having her beautiful, mid-back length hair pulled and yanked, hard, so her head snapped back, during sex or spur of the moment. She also had a thing for being bitten, also hard. Neck, on her lips when kissing her, inside of her thighs..I wasn't sure at first, as I knew I was hurting her, but then, have to admit..Got into it with her and started to enjoy feeding her pain fetish..

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