Don’t know what to do with Wife, she’s a slut

So we have been married for 5 years, she is 33 and I am 37. When I met her she was single and dating a lot of guys but I thought she would settle down with me. She hasn’t. She tells me “I like taking dick” and she is uncontrollable. I have shared her with other guys so that I can make sure she is safe and not in danger and she can have sex with other men with my supervision. But it just isn’t enough for her.
Last night she went out and I was supposed to meet her at 11 pm for drinks, she wasn’t at the bar that she said she would meet me at. I waited and called and nothing for thirty minutes so I went to where she was going to be before she was supposed to go to the bar. Her friends were there and said she left earlier with someone. I did the iPhone find my phone and it took me to a House not far away. I could see there were three cars there so I rang the bell, it was about midnight then and a guy answered and said come in. I came in and there was a small party of a few women and maybe twelve men. I asked if anyone has seen Laura, if she was here and one guy said yeah she is here but she’s busy right now. He asked are you mad bro? I said no just wanted to make sure she gets home alright and pretended that I was just a friend. He said “okay let’s check on her” he led me to a bedroom and she was naked with one guy in her mouth and another doing her from behind and another guy in the room. She didn’t even notice the door had been opened and we came into the room she was just going at it and the music was so loud. I walked out and waited in the other room.
One guy came out and said loudly “everyone’s getting laid tonight!!!!” I just sank into the chair and drank a beer. Men went in and out of the room until it was about 1:30 am and the owner of the house said to me “ you’ve got to go man the party is over” I said “I am waiting for Laura, just want to make sure she gets home okay” he said “she’s okay, I’m going to take care of her for the night, go home and I will drop her off tomorrow, you’re a good friend to watch out for her but she is not ready to go.” I said “can I see her?” And he said sure and I walked back to the room and there was a man on top of her missionary position. The owner of the house said “Laura are you good?” She answered “yes I am real good”
He closed the door and said “see I told you, don’t worry she’s in good hands, I will bring her home tomorrow”
It is not almost 1 pm and she texted saying she is out eating lunch and will be home in an hour, she is with a friend.

I have allowed her to have sex with a lot of other guys as long as I can be there to keep her safe, but it isn’t enough for her. I just might leave her today and turn her over to her slutty ways on her own.

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  • Ummm.... she is a slut so FUCK HER!!!!

  • Go for it brother. Long over due if you ask me. She's as slutty and skanky as a whore can be without the trappings of prostitution. If she was a real whore you could have been profiting as her pimp all these years but it's too late for that now. Run, don't walk, to the nearest husband oriented divorce attorney and have him expedite the case. Next time she leaves the house change the lock and throw all her shit out in the yard. Maybe she'll get a clue albeit a day late and a dollar short.

  • I would love a party gal like her and join in.

  • I'd round up some evidence and show it to her parents. My guess is that they will be horrified that their daughter is a group sex slut and side with you in the divorce on any matters pertaining to the estate. You might want to let her employer know what she's been up to as well.

  • Please tell me you've since left this horrible and deranged person.

  • She came home and I told her to pack up her shit. She is gone.

  • Glad you had the courage. You'll miss the sex but you'll save yourself a life of hurt. She'll be back to tempt you because she may be afraid she has nowhere real to stay. Stay strong brother. I had someone, whom I did not marry thankfully, that I should have told to hit the bricks way earlier than I did. messed me up going through that crap.

  • No offense but, man leave the bitch

  • Leave her man. Lying can’t be tolerated.

  • Especially lying on her back with a couple of other guys working her. Leave. Divorce. JFC.

  • She's not only cheating on you, but sounds like she's lying to you too. Sorry man, it's over. Get the divorce papers ready, because she's moved on. She doesn't want to be with you anymore. Her actions say as much.

  • Your problem is not that your wife is a slut, you already knew that and allowed it under specific circumstances. The problem is that your wife is completely ignoring your feelings (she stands you up and fails to contact you?) and showing no respect for you or your relationship. You have to decide if you are okay with being treated that way, and then take action or not.

  • I know what I would do with her if she was my wife. Slap a for sale sign on her ass and start raking in the money. In the meantime, I would stop fucking her, file for divorce, and find a knew woman that didn't have to fuck every man she sees.

  • I agree but *new.

  • My wife has sex with other men Everytime she gets drunk and I'm not around. It's happened countless times. It's all on you if you can deal with it the do so if not leave her. Just remember she's going to continue until something dramatic to her happens.

  • Let it go, Let it go you stupid Fuck

  • “I like taking dick” is code for “I don’t give a shit about you.” As a woman, it’s obvious. Time to walk away. Take what you can because she’s not worth keeping.

  • Wow! I could not have handled what this guy has.

  • Leave her for sure

  • This is total bs but of it isn't....this chick has zero respect or love for you and she will cut the life out of you over time, leaving you a husk of a man regretting what could have been if you were happier. Sure, she fucks great but I guarantee she lies and cheats and does whatever she wants with or without your consent and doesn't care how you feel.

    If it were me I'd have been gone long ago, left her in a sea of cum. life is too short to feel miserable about yourself and brother, you will. Your wife is a loveless cunt.

  • I would just join into the lifestyle, if it was up to me. She liked cock before you was married, that wasn't going to change, Good luck and make your own choices

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