I like watching a boy masturbate

Ok so I'm 16 years old and I'm a virgin.

There a boy who lives in the house next to ours, and I can see his bedroom window from mine.

Two weeks ago when I got home from school late I was about the close the curtains to get changed I saw him with his penis sticking out of his fly, rubbing it slowly.
I was a bit shocked and just closed the curtains fast.

A few days later I caught him again at about the same time, but I was sort of curious and watched for a few minutes and I started feeling kind of hot and shaky.

I checked again the next day at the same time and he was wanking again. I watched till he finished and as he he started jerking faster and came I think I started to get horny. I mean I was all shaky and flushed and my vigina was tingeing and stuff.

I've been watching him about that time of day ever since, and he almost always masturbates then. I mean I know it's wrong and inappropriate, but it makes me feel so good - I've even started to rub my panties while I watch now...

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  • Get those wet panties off and give him a good eye full. You know you want to.

  • Ok, you boys wanted an update so I guess this is it. I guess you'll just have to trust that it's me, though.

    Well, i'm not a virgin anymore, but I mean that's getting ahead of myself.

    A month after this started, he caught me watching him. He was standing there twisting its head in his hand grinning then he slowly looked around and he caught me looking through the window with my hand up my skirt though I'm not sure he saw where my hand was - the window was too high. He kind of blushed and stopped for a moment and I was scared what he was going to do because I felt so racey and dirty getting caught. He started again then, kind of sassily like he was telling me he could do what he wanted. I kind of lost control of myself there for a moment and I pulled my jumper over my head, unbuttoned by shirt, slipped it off my shoulders, and I flicked my bra off for him. I swear that time he finished harder than I'd seen him before and he lasted about a minute more before he finished that time.

    I kept at this for a while, showing him different things while he played and I started wondering what it felt like. When I saw him that day I dressed down to my underwear and jumped the fence. I felt so nervous and bad doing it but I came up to his window and he was all over me in a instant. He was running his hands over my neck and breast and I was shaking and panting as he played with his cock in his other hand until he finished over my bra and chest.

    The next day he jumped my fence and put my hand on his cock and put a condom in my other hand. Now I was the one not moving for a moment for a moment and blushing while he tugged at my skirt and stroked me. After I put it on he, I was kind of shaking nervously and he pushed be back to the wall and started fucking me and once he got in it felt so good and warm and I suddenly lost all that girlish fear.

    After that, he's been all over me and he make me feel so good...

  • Update?

  • Return the favor let him watch you

  • It's not wrong or inappropriate. You should leave your curtains wide open and join in.

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