Get ya sex-tun megaphones their xmas loudspeaker sex fun

Right on.

here is a reasonable comprehensive list of the popular ones. or go head and make your own but beware of the terrorist sextorrism sites. they are scams and sextorrists! Outdoor masturbation, at night I like to masturbate in my backyard nude hoping my new neighbors will see me

i want to join a dirty cam site . I really wanna join one I like being watched and heck you get paid for it only thing is im not always alone lol so id have to sneak and hope to not get caught XD even though I like being seen messing around

I recently was walking near a high school and the high school speakers came out load with weird sounds for about 15 minutes while I was near by and I couldn't help laughing at it, a couple were fucking loud and you could hear it the banging on the desk and them talking during sex but I have no idea if it was a teacher and student or a teacher and headmaster. but let's just say the whole suburb could hear it and it was funny and it must have been embarrassing they didn't know it was being broadcast all over the suburb and I don't know if anyone complained. since then it has happened a few times at night and also during the afternoons mostly. must be some new after class detention code. it was funny and I don't know who does it or if some grounds keeper or electrician or someone with a vendetta has wired the speakers up to be able to do this without them knowing but it actually is a great idea for a prank anyway. I knew these guys who were going around with school megaphones fucking in cars and driving round at night and also a couple who were hippies who had the kids living in man made shanti hut tents from old trampolines and they were using megaphones during sex on the trampolines and yelling at their kids while doing it and seemed to be some weird nudist group or cult that came into the neighborhood. they had those hand held megaphones and yelling at their kids cuz they were so deaf.
now I want to do this and copy them. I am so tired on by it. I heard of people faking parties at their house by playing loud music and you get fake hotel and party sounds on youtube and hitch it to your speakers and people think a huge party is going on its a loud of fun to do over the holidays while everyone is out and your home alone or live alone. play fake happy birthday crowd noises and bar glasses and sex noises. etc. its so much a fetish of mind now to try. if only I could wire the headmasters office and nob some fuckers up to their bads in this stuff.

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