I saw my crushes dick

When i was 13 i moved into a new town i was in 8th grade so i had all the goods.34d breasts a large ass like a Mini nicki minaj's ass.anyways i became popular even tho school was in the middle and cliques had already formed. my ASSets made me rlly popular.i was invited to lots of sleepovers and such.anyways the bathroom were getting remolded and i didnt care bc i nvr used the school bathrooms. Anyways i had to pee really badly and i didnt know the schools map yet.so i ran into the nearest bathroom.i ended up running into the boys but i had to pee so bad i just continued.i heard someone come in and it was my crush i instantly died bc i was wearing my sparkly shoes that he liked and i knew he would know it was me.so i quietly wiped and stood on the toliet seat.i looked over the stall and saw him and his big black cock.i almost died.me being dark skinned i was noticeable in the mirror so i just stared. I started getting horny but he walked out.i quickly ran out and went back to class. I had a sleepover with me and my bff i told her what happened and she got jealous?? welp thats my story

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