I Did it Anway

A few years ago my sister lied to my girlfriend about me cheating on her. My sister didn't like her much and when she found out i was going to propose, this was her solution to stop me.
Well it worked and a few days later she dumped me and left. I was very angry at my sister, and it took months for us to fix our relationship and then slowly become friends again.
11 weeks ago my sister called me later on a Friday night. My sister doesn't drive and she asked me to pick up my niece cause she had called and was upset after having a fight with her best friend. I agreed and headed off. I arrived to a party at her friends house, which wasn't hard to work out her parents were away for the weekend. I headed in searched for my niece.
I found her friend who was still really angry at her and she said that she was around the house somewhere and didn't care. I asked what happened and she admitted that her and my niece were both drinking. She admitted that they had slipped my niece some "party drugs", as she called it to get her to relax about the party and stop wanting to go home. She said she called her mum, my sister and then she hasn't seen her since.
I searched and found her in an upstairs bathroom. She was out cold leaning over the toilet. Her head hanging over, her long hair spread around the bowl, sitting with her legs spread on the floor, wearing a mini skirt, tight singlet top and i could dark pink matching underwear and bra.
Seeing my 15 year old niece like this was exciting. I have always like how young teens look when they dress up and dress sexy. I totally know that i was wrong, but all i could think of in my own mind was that this was the perfect way to get back at my sister.
I closed the bathroom door, locking it and i picked up my niece off the floor. I lay her along the large vanity. I wasted no time pulling her panties off and dropping my pants and underwear to the floor. I hung her legs over my shoulders and went for it. I stayed in the bathroom with her for almost 3 hours. It was almost 2 am as i finished cumming as deep inside her as i could for the fourth time. When i got balls deep in her i could feel myself pressing into the bottom of her pussy and that just drove me wild every time i cummed in her. I made sure to leave as much of my seed in her as i could.
I guess i didn't really think i would give her a baby, but i loved the idea of it. What i just found out today i that she has been sick for the last 4 weeks and my sister called me to tell me that a boy from the party must have raped her as the doctor reckons she is approximately 10 weeks pregnant. I am really excited that my sister and niece don't know that i was the one who raped her and that she is currently growing her uncles baby. I asked my sister what they were going to do and she said my niece is not sure what to yet. I am going to talk to her over the next few days a few times and each time try and lean her towards keeping it. I want my 15 year old niece to have my baby and give birth to her own cousin.


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  • I am a 20 y/o female and know this completely fucked up but it turns me on reading this and I’ve masturbated to this a few times

  • I like to look at girls in shirt dresses, but would never do that ever. If there’s any truth in this story I hope you get found out and you yourself get ass raped in jail

  • I'm 17, and I like to see girls my age dress up showing skin and legs in high heels and stuff but come on man there's hookers that aren't miners out there, I hope you get gang raped in jail 🙄

  • You get "revenge" on your sister by raping your niece? Evil.

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