Blackmailed for sex:

Basically, Im a student and I fell on some hard times and I needed money, my friend offered to give the money, and we came up with a payment plan. However the plan was unrealistic and I couldn't make the payments as my situation had worsened by this point. I was making payments, but around 1/2 of the agreed amount per month.

He started legal proceedings against me on the basis that I wasn't paying, fair enough. But then he called me over to his place and told me that unless I went to his every 2 weeks on average he would pursue legal proceedings. I did this request as I am only young and I didn't want that stain on my credit. So, I kept going to his place as agreed, but he pursued the legal proceedings in secret anyway.

I am unsure what to do now, it is becoming clear that I was being used for sex but Im unsure what my rights are because I know that what he is doing is not right, I have been lied to for sex, but should I go to the police or what? Im totally unsure at this point.

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  • Get pregnant so you can screw him back for child support?

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