I hate fucked my mother in law.

I've been married to my sweet wife for six years now. We get along great, with the exception of her mother-in-law. She's hated me since she first met me. I don't know why, I've always treated her daughter like a princess.
So, last week, her mother, Carol, who lives out of town, came to visit for a few days. As usual, I was going out of my way to try to be nice, and she was being a total bitch, like she was just trying to piss me off. The morning of the second day she was staying with us, I got up and went into the kitchen to fix myself some breakfast, as my wife had gotten up earlier to go to work. It was my day off, so unfortunately I had to be alone with Carol for the whole day. I heard her moving around in our spare bedroom, so I thought I would try to be nice and offer to fix her some breakfast. I knocked on her bedroom door and asked if I could fix her some breakfast. She immediately shouted back "no thanks, I cant imagine that you even know how to cook, and if you do, you'd probably poison my food". I just shook my head without saying anything and went back to the kitchen. I fried myself some bacon and eggs and as I set down to eat, she came into the kitchen, wearing a robe, as she had just gotten out of the shower. She bitched about not having enough hot water in the shower, and then grabbed a box of cereal out of the cupboard. As she opened the refridgerator, she bent down in front of me. Her robe hiked up just enough that I got a really good look at her legs. She was 44 years old, and really quite good looking, for being such a cunt. As she stood up, she caught me staring at her ass and blurted out"you like that? You like my old ass you little fucking perve?" as she said that, she turned around and pulled her robe up and flashed me her ass. She wasn't wearing panties underneath. Then she turned around and glared at me and said"I don't know why my daughter married someone like you". She then set down at the table across from me. And poured a bowl of cereal and started eating it. The top two buttons of her robe were undone, and I couldn't help notice the top half of her rather large breasts exposed in full view. I tried to not make eye contact with them, but as soon as I did, she caught me and said "what! You've never seen cleavage before? Isn't my daughter good enough for you? You have to look at some old broad to get your jollies?" I was really getting quite mad, but I promised my wife that I would be nice to her mother. I then replied back to her "we both know you don't like me, for some reason, but you really don't need to flaunt your old dried up body in front of me. I'm sure you think you are hot, but really, you arn't". With that, she jumped up from the table and stormed out of the kitchen.
I finished my breakfast and headed into the living room. Carol was sitting on the couch, looking totally pissed off and insulted. "Seriously?" she said "you seriously don't think I'm hot for my age?" She then unbuttoned her robe and stood up in front of me. She slowly spun around so I could get a good view of her. She did have a really hot body, a nice round ass and very large, yet still firm boobs. Her belly was a little pudgy, but not bad for her age. As she turned back to face me, I could see her nice, clean shaven pussy. It looked just like her daughters. Then she smiled at me, and said "ha! You lieing bastard. Ehats that bulge in your pants, if you don't think I'm hot?" She then reached down and started unzipping my pants. She pulled my shorts down and took my throbbing hard cock into her warm mouth and sucked me till I came on her hooters. She then put her robe back on and told me that tomarrow, she was going to fuck the shit out of me and then maybe, just maybe, she could start trying to get along with me a little better.

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  • You spell like you are 6.

  • Exactly which words were spelled so incorrectly that you couldn't figure out their meaning? We live in a country in which 30% of our population can't read or write English, and you are proof reading peoples spelling. You are likely still in grade school, or just a complete fucking moron.

  • 44 yr old women don’t call themselves old broads. And they don’t think they’re old. Unless you’re total trash.

  • I've known several middle-aged women that call themselves old broads when speaking to younger men. You are probably 12 years old or a grown-up that still lives with your mommy. Get a few decades of life under your belt before you try to impart your vast knowledge upon the rest of the world, unless you enjoy acting like a moron.

  • Nice!

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