I sell my dirty panties online

Men and women buy my dirty underwear online. I will masturbate in it and they’ll buy it, sometimes for $100!

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  • I would like to masturbate in them and send them back, and then you send again, and so on?

  • You can take my sexy thongs of my big 42 ins but and keep them if I can suck your prick but you have to cum in my mouth and I always swallow ..

  • This sounds as if it could be pretty lucrative, I would be prepared to purchase heaps of sexy panties in every size and have my wife wear them or masturbate in them whenever we got a firm order then express post them off after payment maybe $35 for one day wear raising to $75 for a weeks wear then $100 for a nice fresh load of cum
    Where are these advertised for the best exposure and most customer's ?

  • $100 is very expensive for used second hand, I wear panties all the time and with matching bra's at home they are very sexy and cost only around $25 per set new from the lingerie store, when I first started my wife would select her panties I would wear but they were always from the clean, folded drawer, I now have plenty of my own but only wear them one day at a time before washing and drying in the sun, just the thought of wearing some females soiled used panties turns me off

  • You’re welcome to have mine for free!

  • Underwear if full of germs. cunts and dicks and asses are full of germs.

  • Every part of a person's body, outside and inside, is full of bacteria. Some are helpful. Get a grip.

  • I am worried my cat has been sniffing dirty underwear again and got a std on his nose. I blame my dad because years ago he was nicknaming him jacko like michael jackson and its like my dad put a curse on him with allergies and I hate my father anyway. he always does this giving names to pets or people and its not their real name. I wish someone would hit my dads face in for being such a lazy ass unprovider to his family. now the poor cat needs medical help yet again and if the vet doesn't take him I am taking him to a specialist and these stupid receptionist can stop their delay tactics as all it is doing is upsetting me to the point I could murder and kill at random everyone and especially bitchin rich young whore women and dirty old men.

  • I’m pretty sure you’re cranky.

  • I am pretty sure you can name your pet whatever you want.

  • Your all so very sick, I kind of feel sorry for you, next you will be telling me some customers want you to shit in them also

  • You have no idea what freaky things people want. Purchasing used, dirty underwear is very common. They even have “candy” machines filled with them in Japan.

  • "OH yuck" your making me feel ill, there are some pretty gross fetishes on this site but this has to be top of the hit parade, some prick stole some of my wife's panties off the line at a caravan park about two years ago I thought that was bad enough

  • Can't think of anything so disgusting

  • Have you heard of pheromones? Who doesn't love crotch scent?

  • How do we contact you???

  • Pantydeal(dot)com. You’ll find a variety there and maybe me. I tend to sell mine to specific Needs. Most of my clients are lesbians or older men who like someone that works out and wears the panties all day and ships overnight the next day.

  • Where do you live??? I would love to buy some.

  • I do the same and really enjoy it. I have one customer who insists on buying them fresh off the rack as he calls it. We meet and I take them off then hand them to him. He asks me to wear them for at least a day and masturbate with them on, he pays me very well for doing this for him and has brought panties with him for me to wear and give back to him after a day.

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