I let my boyfriend’s buddies finger me

Went out with a few friends to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday, we had a great night, but he was so drunk. Two of his friends helped my get him up the stairs. When we got down stairs I made coffee for them and we sat down at the kitchen table for a chat. As we talked I felt one of their hands gently stroking my leg. I am not sure why or whether it was the effect of the drinks, but I didn't stop him. I was wearing a short dress so it was easy for him to slide his hand all the way up until he was tracing the outline of my pussy. The other boy had noticed what was happening and eased my legs apart so that they could get their fingers inside me. I felt like such a slut letting them have me whilst my boyfriend was unconscious on the bed upstairs, but within just a few seconds I was laid out naked on the kitchen table with my head over the side as one boy used my mouth and the other fucked me. The thought that we could be caught made it so much hotter for me. Since then his friends touch me whenever he is out of the room and sometimes call round when he is out of town. I just love cheating.

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  • Your the best ;)

  • Cheating is bad, and fingering is one thing, but fucking is totally another. You need to pull yourself together. Fucking behind his back is not okay.

    I was once at a party with my wife, and got caught by friends in the kitchen fingering her under her miniskirt. They laughed and asked if they could give her a feel too. I said okay, she said okay, and a couple of my buddies slipped her a couple of fingers, with one of them getting her off. It was a stupid, drunken moment, but I would never let anyone fuck her, and if she ever did it behind my back our relationship would be over.

  • Wow your a dirty slut I need ya contact details

  • Dirty Slut

  • Send ur contacts

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