Great sex with a heavy older guy

Im 24 years old,name Claire. Im a Waitress at a diner, with an athletic body, blonde hair. I was dating this guy Brad since high school, we started having problems, and we ended our relationship in April. Very stressful for me and depressing. Weeks that followed I always had someone to talk to on my breaks to make me feel better about my break up. The cook at the diner I work at always cheered me up. He was 40 year old heavy set black man who weighted around 300 lbs I guess. His name was Oscar. Old school black man. Always slick with words. It was 4th of July weekend we decided to hang in my apartment. He came over with drinks chilled for awhile drinking and talking, he smelled really great. As night went on we were taking shots together. I dont know it happen but out of no where we started kissing. I was shocked. He said sorry I got carried away I just never knew what it was like to kiss a white women. The kiss was great. Just wasnt sure what to think then as he is 40 and Im 24.
we take a few more shots then I start kissing him. I move my hands down to his pants to start unzipping his pants and pull them down. He says to me damn girl what you doin. I told him I never been with a black man before and Im curious. I slowly go down to my knees and I begin to pull his boxers down. Butterflies in my stomach and nervous. I pull his boxers down and shout out loud WOW. As I see a 7 inch cock that is super fat/thick right in my face and its hard. I couldnt even put my hand all way around it thats how thick it was. Oscar looks down at me and says it was always his dream to fuck a white girl. I tell him now your dream can come true. And I start sucking his thick cock but only could get the tip in cause he is so thick. But he is loving it. Shortly after we take rest of our clothes off and head to bed room.
get to bed room we kiss some more. Lay him Down on bed. And I start sucking him some more, I tell him I never seen a cock so thick like this. He tells me he hasnt had sex in few years i told him Ill ease him back in. So I hop on top, had to work my way down for a few mins cause I never took a cock this massive. But eventually I got him all in me and was grinding away and had two great orgasms while grinding away.

We switched to him on top. Pounding away, he likes how flexible I am. I orgasm again. We go to new position with reverse cowgirl. Im on top so wet, I start bouncing away. He starts talking dirty to me. I orgasm again. And he is loving it. I tell him this is first time I orgasm more than two times during sex. I tell Oscar must be his black cock making me do it.
we go on to try anal, which I had never tried in my life, lucky I had lub for him to use it was a tight fit. At this point Im starting to love how dominant and controlling and aggressive he has become cause I never expierence that with my ex. And for a heavy set guy he has pretty good stamina to keep going. Few mins of anal but it was really starting to hurt cause how thick he was. So we go to doggie style he slides right in with how wet I was. He starts pounding away and slaps my ass several times. Starts talking more dirty to me. I orgasm again. He says Claire you cant get enough this black dick.I say to Oscar please keep fucking me. Oscar says Im gonna fuck this white pussy. Few more mins goes by Oscar is breathing heavy and says this big old black cock is about ready to expode. I tell Oscar yes cum please cum. I want that big black cock to cum inside me. Oscar aggressive fucks me like crazy shouting out. You want this white girl, you want the black Mans cum inside you. Slaps my ass. I moan back yes I want it. Oscar pulls my hair and tells me shout it white girl shout it out you want the black Mans cum. So I shout out yes I want the black Mans cum oscar keeps fucking me aggressively and he says Claire Im going to nut. I tell him yes let that black dick cum. He tenses up and grunts really loud as he cums inside me shots and shots of warm cum inside me. I could tell he hasnt had sex in awhile. There was so much force and pressure in those cum shots inside me. Luckily im on the pill, i think for sure i would got pregnant. We fall asleep together shortly after.
We would meet up for great sex a few more times after this.

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  • Hot, I would have stop taking my pill if I were you. After sex like that especially if he hasn't had sex in awhile and shot a massive mega load like you describe. I would have defiantly had his baby. He probably had a heighten force in his load. Cause you said he never been with a white girl and always wanted a white girl made him want to cum ever harder.

  • I agree he had to be super excited to be with a white girl which I'm sure helped in the ultra force the cum shot and massive amount of cum produced. That's great for a heavy guy in his 40s. If I were you in that situation I would stop taking the pill.

  • I think your name is Toni , I know brad your hot

  • I gave in to a heavier man once, he was probably mid thirties and I was early twenties. He truly pleasured me and even though he was quite unattractive to what I would usually like he was very nice to me.

  • Smoke show👍🏾

  • Sounds so good, why did it end?

  • (I'm the original poster) well we are friends and just hooked up. We still work together and talk. Once in awhile meet up for dinner. We had sex like 5 times after this first night I described above.

  • Now that is a HOT story.

  • Wow hot story is right

  • True that! Damn.

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