Couldn't have gone worse

There was a massive house party on Sunday, and I got so drunk and high at it. Turns out I probably had sex all night. I barely remember it, but the things I do remember is I made out with my friend, me and my younger sister kissed (she's 12 and was as fucked as me) and I remember giving some 19 year old a blowjob. I woke up, there were 3 used condoms on top of me, a lot of dry sperm on my skin, and I genuinely looked and felt fucked. I've been sent multiple videos and pictures of me getting either fucked, fingered or sucking dick with a lot of guys. I would estimate I had some kind of sex with 8 people. See I already knew I was a slut, but now everyone knows and nobody will stop calling me one. This party couldn't have gone worse if it tried

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  • I have had a few nicknames in the past, sucking Susan was one but not sure how that happened because my name is not Susan. I have always enjoyed sex and love to give blow jobs so yeah I have given quite a few and will no doubt give a lot more in the future. College was a great time for me but now that I am in the workplace it can be a lot more challenging. All I can tell you is do not do it with management word gets around faster than doing it with a coworker.

  • You ought to think about looking out for your 12 year old sister better than that.

  • Whats your sister look like and at 12 i bet she has a sweet tight hairless pussy and tiny little breast buds. I have being fingering and fucking my almost 12 year old stepdaughter last two years. So sweet and sexy..

  • Yeah I know, but she has a mind of her own and is hard to talk to. To be honest if your naturally hot like her it's just easy to become a slut, and I can't stop her

  • You should fill her with your cumm. Theres no better feeling than putting your cock in a preteen little hairless pussy. Copil sleeping tablets and there out for count and then strip them and engoy..

  • Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a pedophile

  • Yes she has a mind of her own but it's only 12 years old. She may be blessed with pretty looks but she is still a child.

  • Good girl, may be skip the drugs so you can enjoy it :)

  • You already knew you were a slut, so you might as well own it. Reply, "I would rather be a happy slut than a sexually frustrated, judgemental bitch (or asshole)".

  • Oh baby you’re the popular girl now or the slut of your friends

  • I'm pretty popular but i think this has made a lot of people just not like me, which I deserve because it's stupid how easy I was

  • You don’t have a sex problem. You have a drinking problem.

  • Probably both tbh

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