I want to be drugged and raped

Every time I'm walking alone at night, or at the bar alone, my mind wanders to a rape scenerio... The bar scene is usually a mysterious looking man watching me from a poorly lit section of the place. I notice him staring intently... Lustfully at me. After I've had a few drinks, he sees that im tipsy and walks towards me slowly, smiles and politely asks if he can sit down at my table, and I agree. He asks what I'm drinking and I tell him Caribou Lou. He leaves and comes back with the drink for me and something for himself. He asks me if I was with anyone tonight, and if I have a boyfriend. I shake my head no and the corner of his mouth tightens into a twisted smirk. Throughout the night, he buys me four or five more drinks... I'm drunk, but still aware enough to be able to walk. At 1:30 I get my phone out to call a cab, but he offers to drive me home instead and I oblige. I chug the last of my drink and we head off. We get into his car and he asks me for the cross streets by my home. As I start to speak, I notice that I'm way more messed up than I should be. My vision started to narrow and blur when I feel his strong hand grab my thigh. He said through a grin "Change of plans. I'm going to have some fun with you tonight, slut. If you're a good girl, I'll let my friends fuck your tight little wet cunt! " With that, his fingers bypass the waistband of my yoga pants and dip into my pussy forcefully.

Sorry... Got off on a little tangent there... Anywho.... Is it normal to feel like this? Like, to have scenarios so detailed. I have the feeling that if anyone actually tried to rape me, that I would have the most intense orgasms ever!!!! I would enjoy it so much... The more the merrier too! I've even gotten off to the thought of holding a knife to my throat while they slam their cock into me over and over.

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  • It’s completely normal, and a common fetish. I put myself in situations other women would find dangerous, with the hope I’ll be used. Dress like a slut, pretend to be drunk, walk home through a bad neighborhood.

  • At 17 I was raped by five dirty Hispanics walking home from school one afternoon three weeks before school got out for the summer and it was horrifying to say the least and all five did me over and over for nearly 3 hours.

    Any girl that wants to be raped really needs help for it's the worst think that could ever happen to you.
    I am 24 now and cant trust a man to this date and no man has even made an attempt to have sex with me, I'll probably die with out a man in my life that's how much it has messed me up and yes I am still in therapy but it isn't doing much good.

  • I hope this is for attention. If not, get some professional help. If you wanted to do this through sexual roleplay, that's one thing. But nobody sane wants to be drugged and raped.

    Here, it will do you some good.


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