Puffy milky nipples

Had The best afternoon, my husband has been laying across my lap for hours, nursing on one breast while twirling my other nipple.taking it in turns, taking all my areola deep into his mouth, milk drunk. Milk ooozing down his chin, the rush of it, sends aching plusations to my clit. He's shot 2 loads without having his penis touched. His cock twitches while i stroke his hair calling him mommas boy.

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  • After our first baby,it was a huge turn off for my husband to even touch my breasts,let alone suck them during sex.But when our second child was born,it was different,from maybe about 6 months after.The baby would sleep long into the night and my boobs would get fucking hugely swollen and painful,so while my hubby was banging me I let him relieve me and it resulted in amplifying my orgasm into the most intense one I've ever had.We tried it almost every other time but never got even close.But I ended up pregnant again though.

  • I saw the post and I had to read but I was disappointed to find out what it was about. I thought I was going to read what I have a problem with and that's I have puffy nipples and they het so hard they hurt just by the fabric of my blouse rubbing against them and I usually end up rubbing them which leads to me masturbating sometimes for hours and when I play with my puffs they start in leaking which I found out is milk. How can I produce milk and I haven't even had a guy yet in my life? For the past three months I produce more and more milk and a lot of times it soaks my blouse and at times I can't hide it and I get teased a lot especially by our neighbors son who started it all off by playing with my nipples and sucking on them. Nightly and also during the day we sneak off into the woods behind our house and he takes care of me, takes care of the milk I produce and now I take care of his hard cock.

  • My wife hates her nipples played with.

  • My husband sucks my nipples every night before he goes to sleep. I’m dry, but he doesn’t care (neither do I!) and every morning I wake up to him latched on. It makes me so wet. He loves it and so do I.

  • You are very lucky to be in such a sweet adult nursing relationship. Never question it, just go with it and enjoy it. You are female, that is what your body is for.

  • Mmmmmm lush

  • I would love someone to suck on me like that.

  • Too hot. I love sucking from my wifes milky tits. She calls me her baby boy and she loves it when I call her mommy. She has multiple orgasms without even touching her pussy.

  • I'm the same way

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