I let a taxi driver finger me on the street

Long story short: i unbuttoned my shirt to halfly expose my boobs and lifted my skirt up. the driver fingered me. It was in a traffic jam. I'm pretty sure people saw it.

Did u ever do something similar?

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  • I have got changed in the back of a cab, right down to bra and panties. Fair was pretty cheap on the promise of future business

  • Not really but I went down on my husband in an uber and had my boobs out, the driver kept looking back and I didn’t care. He saw my boobs.

  • The first time this happened to us was after a night out; we had quite a bit to drink and had been getting a little carried away in the back of the cab. I had caught the driver watching us through his mirror and joked with him about reducing the fare in payment for the free show he was getting. He laughed and told me that I was a very lucky man to have such a beautiful and sexy wife. I whispered to my wife to see if she was still up for it and she agreed. So I asked the driver to pull off the road into a car park behind some shops.
    He looked a bit worried initially, as he probably thought that I was about to rob him or something, but his mood soon changed when I just came right out and told him to join us in the back as I wanted to watch him fuck my wife. He couldn't believe his luck and within seconds he was in the back with us exploring my wife’s body, we soon had her naked and I held her ankles pulling her legs as far back as I could so that he fuck her as deeply as he wanted. It was the most sensual and arousing thing I had ever seen, but since then, I can’t stop this obsession. It feels out of control as we don’t seem to be able to enjoy a night out together any more unless it ends up with a stranger’s cock inside her.
    She sometimes cums if the guy is a skilful lover, but the guys we seem to pick up on a night out are often far too eager to satisfy themselves and on occasion become overly rough with her. I know she is really only going along with this to please me, but I am now starting to fantasize about her being taken by two men at the same time.

  • God you sound just like my husband

  • Wow. Not cool dude.

  • This would have been such a good story, if it wasn't put in such a rushed, basic, off putting way.

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