My bff and I give free sex shows to guys online

I want to expose my body but too afraid to do it in public. I usually go online, look for a sex chat forum, hit on a random user and later give him a sex show via webcam for free.

My favorite ones are those who are untractive, sometimes even dirty. I am a successful young woman in my daily life. So the feeling of becoming a slave serving a random dirty old guy on the Internet turns me on so hard.

I also led my best friend to this hobby. Once an old guy asked me to set up the webcam and get my best friend naked so he could watch. I called her over (she was also my roommate and in a relationship) and asked her to try on some new clothes. At first I just wanted him to see her naked. But then I thought why not give this pathetic guy something extra. I leaned over and started to sucked her boob. She was full surprised but didnt resist and started to moan. She didnt know my man was watching us.

I betrayed my best friend to please an old poor man in India whose name I dont even know. After that, he told me if he could afford the tickets, he would take a flight to my place right away and fuck the hell out of us. He called us the most sexiest sluttiest girls he's knowns. Usually he had to pay some kind of fee but this was the first time two women did it for free. And that felt fcking great.

When I confessed to her later, she got mad at first. She was disgusted that an old random guy saw her naked body while she had sex with me and cheated on her boyfriend. But then she was curious about it. Finally she was hooked. She has been giving free online sex shows, sometimes together with me.

She's still in the same relationship. I wonder if her boyfriend knows what his girl has been doing online. Does he know that she has sex danced and showed her boobs and vagina to hundreds of guys all over the world?

I think one day she and I will have the courage to do it in real life. Go on a little road trip naked, fondling each other in a rest area and let any guys we meet on the road fuck the hell out of us. That would be a fantasy to live on.

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  • Oh Darling I and thousands of other guy's are just so much in love with you

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