Cum fetish?

I’m 19, female. Ever since I can remember, about 13 (when I lost my virginity) I’ve always been turned on by the thought of a guy cumming in me. I even let him the first time I had sex. I got on birth control (because I didn’t want to get pregnant) but still wanted guys to finish in me. I also like to swallow, and love when he cums on me. (face, tits, wherever) I never use condoms because I love the feeling of a guy cumming in me. I think it’s so hot and turns me on like no other. Anyone else feel like this?

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  • I love cum myself. I am 50 years old now and I have never let a man use a comdom with me. Ever since my first time at 15 I love the way it feels when a guy cums inside of me. I have been with at least 100 different men and every single one of them has came inside of me. I love cum and the way it feels inside of me.

  • I wish I knew you at 13 because cumming in women or girls is a wonderful feeling

  • I'm 23 F and I love the feeling of when a guy cums deep in me, both vaginally and anally.

  • I'm 26 and I have the same fetish. Granted I insist that condoms be used when I have sex. I can still feel his orgasm. but it's the subconscious ego boost that he came for you. it's so sexy to feel a man cum. It really does it for me.

  • Im the mom that posted here copil times about you being only 13 when you were sleep around. I am glad to hare your parents did not know. But they must have not realy kept much off an eye on you sweetie. As said one of our daughters is close to your age and yesterday she told my husband she had soccer practise i knew her soccer practise was never on mondays and if its ever changed i always rescive a text from her coach. Quick call confirmed our daughter was lyeing and i give her ten out off ten for effort as she came home in her soccer gear. I asked her how practise was and she said ok mom and said shes go to take a shower. Wll little princess never seeing it comeingnand i told her how dare her lie and brought her up to her room and had her shorts and panties off in a flash and roasted her buns and right on time my husband walked in with my hairbrush and he finished her spanking my hairbrush and as useual she gets double her age. So our princess got 24 good slaps on her already sore and red bottom and then sent to lounge with bottom on display for haf hour and i can say she was a sotry little girl eating her tea at table bottom less on a chair while eat her tea and then bath and bed by 7. Shes realy pushing boundaries last while..

  • Stfu paedo

  • Know we just dont allow our kids run wilde and get away with stuff thats dangerous and they are loved by my husband and i and if a spanking on their bare bottoms teaches them then its what we will continue to do and our daughter accepted she was wrong and apolagised to us bought..

  • I'm not a woman, but most if not all of the women I've been with feel the same way. I think it is a natural, biological desire for women to have a mans cum inside of them. Enjoy, but keep in mind, STD's are not fun and can fuck up the rest of your life and even kill you, so be careful of who's cum you are recieving.

  • I briefly dated a girl like that. We have sex three times on our first date, she didn't want me to use a condom (I didn't) and really wanted me to cum in her (I did). Good times.

  • Can I fill your ass full of cum ?

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