Cum fetish?

I’m 19, female. Ever since I can remember, about 13 (when I lost my virginity) I’ve always been turned on by the thought of a guy cumming in me. I even let him the first time I had sex. I got on birth control (because I didn’t want to get pregnant) but still wanted guys to finish in me. I also like to swallow, and love when he cums on me. (face, tits, wherever) I never use condoms because I love the feeling of a guy cumming in me. I think it’s so hot and turns me on like no other. Anyone else feel like this?

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  • I've been married 25 years and my wife can't get enuff cum...,mine or someone else's. Mouth, pussy, hands, face, anyplace she'll take it. It's a biological thing.
    For some reason, when she was in her fertile years she had a fetish about extracting cum from other woman's husbands. The stories she told me. I'm a pervert, so this turned me on so much. I once watched her suck the cum from one of my buddies as his wife looked on. She deep throated him. He grabbed her head as he was cumming and began face-foking her. She swallowed every drop as his wife watched. It was so hot, I still beat off thinking about it.

  • You said you were 13 when you lost your virginity. You were only a baby and i have daughters and one close to 13 and if i knew she was sleeping with somebidy at that age i would tann her bare bottom. i hope the person yoy did loose it to sweetie was same age at least and while i was tanning your bare bottom my husband would be kicking that blokes ass. Where were your parents..

  • He was my age. I’m not proud about it. But believe me, if my parents knew at the time, I would have been beat.

  • He was my age. If I could go back I would wait tell I was older, it was a go idea at the time. And believe me, my parents would of beat me if they found out. I’m not proud.

  • Im not being mean sweeetie but you were just a baby and it breaks my heart to hare it and my daughters get there bare bums spanked when step out of line honey. did your parents ever spank you sweetie and you dont have to answer but i think this generation get away with murder. our daughters are amazeing and are loved very much by my husband and i but they know when they step out of line there bare bottoms pay the price. Take care honey and hug from a concernd mom..

  • Stfu you paedophile you're always trying to get people to talk about hitting children.

  • Know a parent who beleaves other parents are always trying to be friends with their kids instead off loveing them and teaching boundaries and keeping eye on them instead of letting them do as they wish and if my husband and i spank our children as part of discipline then what concern is it of yours and i stand by what i said. I have daughter almost same age and if i knew she was doing half the stuff going on here or sleep with boy at 13 which she will soon be. I would have know hesitation in bareing and spanking her bottom long and hard as would my husband. so i suggest you get over it..

  • Can I cum and fill you ass hole ?

  • It was a guaranteed orgasm for my first wife if I announced that I was going to fill her with my hot, creamy cum. You are not alone.

  • I know I would love to have someone so I can cum on her face multiple times a day. I’m always hard and wanna cum.

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