My new panties

I have been pretty pissed off lately, broke my leg a week ago in a bike fall and unable to do most normal thing's at present.
Today I was so happy because my mother in law brought over a most sexy Sissy pantie, Plastic pink with satin lining, pleated ruffles and double layer lace it is such a perfect fit so comfortable and when I pulled them on immediately got a roaring horn, when I walked into the lounge to model them my mother in law said I was sure that would be the response because Robin told me she knew you were wearing her lingerie, don't worry I can see you enjoy it so will know what to get you for presents from now on, I think Robin and I may have to think of a girly name for you darling. It is so good that my lingerie fetish is out in the open but only between my mother in law and wife.

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  • My wife found out I crossdresser and spent my days off work as a woman . She come home from work early to find me fully dressed in a black dress , black pantyhoes and heels ,full makeup and a brunette wig . I thought that's it she will leave me . But instead she listened to me tell her how I felt the need to look and feel feminine it took some convincing but she said she was ok with it . After our conversation she said I must admit you make a pretty woman and told me she was making go out with her dressed and we went to lunch and shopping . Now I get to dress much more often and we spend Saturday as girlfriends out shopping and having lunch or dinner out.

  • So very nice Darling, it is fantastic to have the support of your wife with the full knowledge of your cross dressing, my wife loves me all Femme

  • My wife is aware and ok with me wearing panties. I told her i had been wearing hers and that i really liked it and she gave me 4 or 5 pair of hers to wear so i didnt have to try and sneak into hers.
    We talked about it and she said she thought it was a phase i was going threw. Well thats been about 6 years ago , i now buy my own and have prob 30/40 pair and wear panties everyday. To work i prefer silk bikini panties for comfort sometimes at home usually weekends i may wear a thong if im feelin frisky and then get really horned up with those panties rubbing against my asshole. She has no idea that once in awhile i would like to suck a nice dick tho. I just cant tell her that. I dont know how she would handle it. Its not all the time and im not even attracted to men, its just the thought of sucking on a nice hard cock that excites me and turns me on. Who knows someday i may get the opertunity to try it out. But for now its just thinkin about it while im rubbin one out. Lol this one is true , no bullshit to this story like most on here. Lol

  • That sounds so terrific, my wife her mother and sister know that I cross dress and all think it is just so cute they also purchase lingerie for my birthday, Xmas etc.

  • How did you walk with a broken leg?? Complete bull shit mate

  • Ever heard of crutches, dope

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