I'm an ass hole

I've been an avid reader here for quite awhile. Nothing exciting ever happens to me like it happens to the people who post on this site. On Saturday oct 28th the wife and I attended a Halloween party at our local watering hole. I should tell everyone that it's always been my fantasy to watch my wife with another guy. Well the bar was raging with people partieing and the wife and I were no exception. Around 1:am people were leaving and it was getting mellow. I looked over at the wife who barely had her eyes open and said ok we're outa here. As we were leaving it was very apparent she was waisted. When we got out to the parking lot in back of the bar there was a younger guy probably in his mid 20s having a smoke. He saw me struggling to hold her up and came over to help. We flopped her into the back seat. I told him thank you for the help and we started talking. For whatever reason I opened the door and said do you want to see her naked. His answer was fuck yeah she's hot. I had him undress her. His eyes were bugging out and said man your lucky. I told him if he wanted to eat her I would watch for cars so he did , then stood up reached into his wallet and pulled out a condom. He held it towards me and I said go ahead. I stood and watched this kid fucking her.

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  • So you just stood there or did you jack off. I wish I could have been there too.

  • Why can't I ever get lucky like that kid did

  • You can with my 28 yo virgin fiancée.

  • Although it's very wrong I have to admit I'm hard as a rock thinking about it

  • You’re disgusting.

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