Sex addict wife

I found out that when I was in prison last year my wife was smoking a lot of meth and became a sex addict. Now I'm out and back with her. When I found this out I was surprisingly turned on. Last night I confronted her with this and she admitted to being a sex addict. I told her I was into it and would love to watch her be used as sex slave by a group of guys I would find on the internet. So I posted an add on some gangbang forums. A half hour later I had several responses. I found 5 guys to come over that night. I didn't tell my wife though. That night I had her dress really slutty in a too short skirt and too tight top and thigh high stockings. I had her smoke a lot meth until she was super geeked. I started to have her get on her knees and told her she was a little whore that was only good for being used as a whore. I grabbed her hair and shoved my cock in her mouth. After some oral I ordered her on the bed face down then tied her hands behind her back and blindfolded her. That's when the group showed up. I brought them into the bedroom and told them theirs the whore. You can use her however you want. My wife was surprised and asked what was going on. I told her to shut up and be a good whore. I told her she was to do whatever these men wanted. Then I told the guys to fill every hole on this whore. Then I watched all 5 guys use her roughly. They used her body like a piece of meat fucking her for over an hour. When they finally finished with her she looked like a gutter whore rough and usedd. After they left it was my turn and she looked like she was just gang raped. I bent her over the bed and pulled her messed up cum filled hair back tight and fucked her hard in her sloppy pussy until I busted in her too. I told her to get back on her knees and suck my dick clean. Seeing her like that on her knees after i was clean turned me on all over again. She said she couldn't believe I did that. She would like to do that again. I loved watching her being used by all those guys.

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  • I got a job in a new area and had to move the town was a shit hole little hick town. There was a meth epidemic and I was warned to lock my doors and be leary of people. I moved into a shitty apartment complex mostly single moms. A few shady guys and dealers all over and kids everywhere the girls looked like sluts. I was smoking out side my front door a girl about 20 came out asking for a cigarette. We started talking and she asked where I moved from and wanting to know why. I told her job reason and we ended up having a few drink and she pulled out a pipe and started smoking meth. Out of my bad judgement I got high and felt amazing before long we was in her apartment. I’m very well endowed over 8” long and very thick she was loving my size and orgasmed. The door open and this guy walked in seen me and started screaming st me. I got up preparing to fight him it was funny he seen the size of my cock looking down. She started laughing saying now that’s a cock he started calling her a slut and they argued. I was now getting dressed figuring out they was married I walked out the door he didn’t say a word. I was smoking a cigarette outside listening to them he walked out side. He went to square up with me he was older in his 30’s out of shape skinny as a rail. I told him I didn’t know she was married and I don’t want trouble. He threw a punch and I laid him out cold kicked him a few times. When I opened his eyes I said I’ll help you up and by you a beer if you try to hit me I’ll break your jaw. We ended up heading to the bar and I bought a few rounds of drinks. I ended up hooked on meth losing that job only a month after I moved there took me 3years to get clean.

  • He clearly wasn’t in prison. He writes too well for that, at least if his wife is a meth addict. (Says an editor)

  • Educated people serve time, too.

  • She became a SEX addict smoking meth? I would say she became a meth addict.

    She LOOKED like she was just gang raped? I would say she was gang raped.

  • In the near future your meth head wife will have blackened rotting teeth and broke out in acne. Just a side note the term Meth Head is not a term of endearment.

  • You literally just posted underneath, saying you want to see your wife used by 5 men in a gangbang.

  • I thought you were going to tell us that you got busted for the meth party and were going back to the slammer.

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