Got taken hard by a big cock

I was at a rave I was 16 yrs old never done MDMA before it was like everything was perfect and I wanted to touch everyone. I got separated like always from my friends and was meeting new people sitting on a couch. This tiny girl was between me and this other guy I didn’t know either of them. But the two of us guys had undressed this girl about 12 or 13 yrs old she had a nice tiny body little everything. The two of us was sucking her tits and taking turns eating her pussy. Suddenly I heard her gasp saying omg your cocks huge she was right over 10” long and twice my girth. I reached over helping her jack him off I helped suck his cock as well. It was like a unspoken no holds barred sexi pulled my jeans off rubbing my 6” cock next to his we laughed joking how little he made my cock look. I was surprised when he rammed his entire cock inside her she wasn’t more than 4’10” and 80 lbs her face was contorted as he pounded her ruthlessly. He was a savage she was so high she just moaned and yelped when he went deep. He leaned over as she started to jolt and quiver rolling into a ball orgasming. He kissed me saying I’m bigger than your so I get to fuck your ass he was tall and skinny he leaned down and lifted my legs over my head I was almost upside down. I screamed as he rammed half his cock with out mercy her rammed every inch up my ass. The pleasure started and I felt him picking me up bouncing me on his cock. I could see faces looking but I was overwhelmed with pleasure he took me in different positions. My guts hurt he was so long and I could tell he was tearing my ass. I had an anal orgasm also like her my body was jolting and quivering. I watched him go back to her and he switched back and forth I’m not sure if I passed out. We got dressed and went our own ways my ass hurt and I looked for my friends. When I finally found them they asked how I was I shrugged saying I was having a ok time. I never told them I had never done anything like that before that or after. But I have to say that was by far the best sex I’ve ever had I’m 47 now.

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  • Can’t find real MDMA anymore it the bull shit escasy that give you a head ache! Same thing crazy sex at raves back in the Late 80’s

  • Dam remember going to RAVES IN CALI people don’t understand they don’t ask for ID’S, all ages. There are people walking around selling drug mostly MDMA back in the day. Then Europe started making ecasy more easily I liked MDMA it was safer and a better euphoric experience. While I had never had sex with a guy before and had never had a gay feeling in me. While on MDMA and in group sex situations started sucking cock and eventually got taken to many times to count. We had left the rave and went to a group sex after party like usual I looked to the side seeing a guy over 10”+ long and extremely thick taking my girlfriend. She was screaming how huge he felt telling me he was the best fuck ever. I kissed her then started sucking hits as he pulled out then he would shove it back inside her. I was asking how he compared to mine I’m just under 7” long and average thickness allot thinner than his. She moaned and giggled openly telling me he was allot better feeling and fucked better. MDMA is a truth serum to say the least and just enjoyed hearing her and watching them fucking. He made her squirt something she had never done she was pretty much done quivering in the corner. I started sucking his cock he asked if I wanted to feel the difference I didn’t comment I just fell on my back opening my legs. I had been fucked many times before this by my size and smaller some a bit bigger continue

  • When his fat cock started to enter I immediately felt the difference in size it hurt he was stronger and held me down making me take every inch. Lost any since of time as the pleasure of his size took over and I got into it. I learned guys can orgasm on a cock from anal while I had been fucked in the ass many times he actually gave me an anal orgasm. He went back to fucking my girlfriend very rough and switched back to me taking me cumming in my ass. Either myself or my girlfriend could get enough we was both like greedy to get taken by him. The next day my ass was sore my girlfriend pussy was all gaped out. Sure my ass was as it felt like it we was so much druggies and sex addicts he started us on a size craze. We didn’t stay toghther much longer after that but we did have fun.

  • Might fit but that doesn’t mean pleasure i buy average dildos because they feel better it’s not that all girls like huge ones some really don’t

  • Young virgin pussy can easily stretch around a big fat cock without any problems. With foreplay and lots of lubrication it will all fit in balls deep. Believe me, even 10 year old girl's love a big fat cock in there pussies

  • I was in the navy went to Thailand and was drunk on leave at a bar a Dutch guy walked over to me asking if I wanted a mini prostitute. I was only 19 yrs old very nieve saying sure he waved over a Thai guy I said I’m not into guys they both laughed. No follow him they asked how much I had I can’t remember how much I had but they took all of it. While I’m a pretty big guy I was scared of these guys and didn’t know if I was going to get beaten up. We got into a car and drove about 30 minutes I swear we just went around the block a dozen time. Finally in alley I was told to get out and we walked inside it was a long dark hall. Then a room very young girls just smiling about 8yrs to 12 yrs old sitting down then stood up. You pick the guy said one of the girls a face so beautiful I picked. She was no more than 4’8” and 70lbs she took my hand walking to a room with a bed she didn’t hesitate unzipping and started sucking my cock. She had obviously sucked allot of cock her hands worked my 7 1/2” long cock as she sucked. She smiled knowing I was fully erect and laid on the bed she didn’t even have pubes and wanted to get fucked. I wasn’t thinking she could take me but she took every inch I pounded her as hard as I could and she got on top bouncing up and down. Hands down the best fuck ever she knew how to fuck she only knew dirty words in English and didn’t convers only saying nice big cock sailor. You fuck me very hard very good fuck I love your big cock. I finished and she left the room I got up and the guy drove me back. I was humbled that night and realized how small a guys cock of most sizes actually probably feels in a women.

  • Very true they will accommodate more than a man has to offer lol

  • You speak from experience..

  • Really, 12 or 13 yr. old pussy at a party with people on drugs ? Go straight to jail chomo !

  • I bet she had a tight little pussy..

  • I think someone is still on MDMA!

  • By the gods -- I hope English isn't your first language!

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