Got taken hard by a big cock

I was at a rave I was 16 yrs old never done MDMA before it was like everything was perfect and I wanted to touch everyone. I got separated like always from my friends and was meeting new people sitting on a couch. This tiny girl was between me and this other guy I didn’t know either of them. But the two of us guys had undressed this girl about 12 or 13 yrs old she had a nice tiny body little everything. The two of us was sucking her tits and taking turns eating her pussy. Suddenly I heard her gasp saying omg your cocks huge she was right over 10” long and twice my girth. I reached over helping her jack him off I helped suck his cock as well. It was like a unspoken no holds barred sexi pulled my jeans off rubbing my 6” cock next to his we laughed joking how little he made my cock look. I was surprised when he rammed his entire cock inside her she wasn’t more than 4’10” and 80 lbs her face was contorted as he pounded her ruthlessly. He was a savage she was so high she just moaned and yelped when he went deep. He leaned over as she started to jolt and quiver rolling into a ball orgasming. He kissed me saying I’m bigger than your so I get to fuck your ass he was tall and skinny he leaned down and lifted my legs over my head I was almost upside down. I screamed as he rammed half his cock with out mercy her rammed every inch up my ass. The pleasure started and I felt him picking me up bouncing me on his cock. I could see faces looking but I was overwhelmed with pleasure he took me in different positions. My guts hurt he was so long and I could tell he was tearing my ass. I had an anal orgasm also like her my body was jolting and quivering. I watched him go back to her and he switched back and forth I’m not sure if I passed out. We got dressed and went our own ways my ass hurt and I looked for my friends. When I finally found them they asked how I was I shrugged saying I was having a ok time. I never told them I had never done anything like that before that or after. But I have to say that was by far the best sex I’ve ever had I’m 47 now.

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  • Young virgin pussy can easily stretch around a big fat cock without any problems. With foreplay and lots of lubrication it will all fit in balls deep. Believe me, even 10 year old girl's love a big fat cock in there pussies

  • You speak from experience..

  • Really, 12 or 13 yr. old pussy at a party with people on drugs ? Go straight to jail chomo !

  • I bet she had a tight little pussy..

  • I think someone is still on MDMA!

  • By the gods -- I hope English isn't your first language!

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