She Used to Suck Me, But It's All Over Now

After menopause my wife quit enjoying penis-vaginal penetration. She claims it's "uncomfortable to painful" , and she was never into anal, anyway. It's certainly not because I'm well hung, I'm just a normal six inches. So, that left fellatio for any penetration. To be honest, she was never very good at it, but at least she seemed to enjoy it, and she would swallow. But, in the last year she began gagging on it, even with just the tip in her mouth. Before you jump to witty comments about hygiene, I'm up on mine, I bathe every day. Then, she began gagging on her fucking toothbrush. I've never seen a gag reflex so easily triggered ! So, we're down to handjobs, and the very rare tit-fuck, if she's drunk or real stoned. I had hoped our sex life would extend into our "golden years". Well, the golden years are here, at last, and the golden years can kiss my ass !

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  • I worked in an assisted living facility for elderly people, and I shagged many of the older women for extra money. Many of them were late sixties, and I even boned one 89 year old. They were all able and willing to fuck vaginally, but we used lots of water based lube like K-Y Jelly. I think your old lady just doesn't want to take care of business anymore, might be time for that old ultimatum, "put out or get out".

  • We use a plug in vibrator with a cup attachment for clit and penile stimulation. Astroglide for her allows finger penetration or a small dildo. I will sometimes insert a prostate massager while she does me with the vibrator. We both get off big time and although it isn’t old fashioned sex, we love it. Both 74.

  • Wow I hope I never get like that when I'm old. My man is much older than me and I love gagging on his cock. But I only gag when I'm licking his balls with his cock buried in my throat. I'm sorry for you truly. You should cut HER off! Like no eating her out, nothing. See how she likes it.

  • I want to hear all the gossip and be quietly listening in. like I can't say I am actually jealous of them but they have sucked me out dry like a vampire done me over and made up lies about me that will come back to haunt them one day. as will a lot more. her kids are gonna end up hating her cuz she hates her mother and she drinks heavy and knows how to suck up to cock everywhere. its the same old suck circus. with mother and daughter and it will follow on with her own children as well. I am not jealous of them, I wouldn't mind their money but not their problems, they can't rely on lies forever to save them and they have a lot of haters around. if only all the haters got together and united and had a super bitch party cuz I would go to a sucks bitch meeting to share stories of how they sucked us out of everything. too right I am on for that. bring that on. she is a drunk and her daughter is a druggy and drunk no better then the old old damsie now. she has to compete with her daughters, other relatives young daughters and heaps of people who are richer and prettier and all she gets is old men and being a liar got her places.

  • Sounds like my aunt ros, she used to suck off me like a vampire now it is just all over since she is so rich now, every conversation with her is always how ronaldo and the dam are so jealous of her and her daughter, and what were they jealous of because I sure remember some mega bitchiness from her when I was young, and as if her husband and son in law has nothing for them to be jealous of and they must meet other people they are jealous of. she used to put me down all the time making fun of me studying and without a man and fat and shy. all the time making fun of others. to the point it made me feel inferior. they always made sure they had more money and more then us, even adding up all her mothers payouts to her for houses and cars and caravans, boats, holidays and fines and court fees and shopping bills and eat out bills and helping them buy their first house and more. she sure got more then $40K for the granny-flat and she wanted to take our house from us too and I bet she runs us down to people, I would love to hear what she has said and does say about us to her friends and people around.

  • Get her on Bio-identical hormone pellet therapy. It’s about $350 every three months and will change your life.

  • It is probably a need for more lubrication - ask her to talk to her doctor.

  • Things changed after menopause as well for my wife. She now is dry most the time, no longer can have a vaginal orgasm and overly tight that it is uncomfortable for her when we fuck. However she still sucks and fucks me everyday. I feel bad for her missing out of the lost pleasure.

  • Bio identical hormone pellet therapy. It’s replacement hormones and possible $350 every three months. If your wife goes on she will feel amazing and her sex life will be better than it ever was.

  • Just squeeze a whole tube of lube up there. I know many women, who are menopausal and say they are in their sexual prime.

  • Get a divorce or just tell her you are going to get cock or pussy and thats the end of it. Let her go knit or something

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